DEVELOPING: ABC Journalist Who Went Missing Last April After FBI Seized Classified Documents From His Laptop Arrested for Transporting Child Pornography

James Gordon Meek

A former ABC journalist who went missing after the FBI raided his home and seized his laptop has been arrested for transporting child pornography.

As reported last year, Emmy-winning investigative journalist James Meek went missing after the FBI raided his Virginia home and seized classified information from his laptop in April 2022.

James Gordon Meek, 52, went missing after the feds raided his Arlington penthouse apartment, the Rolling Stone reported.

Meek produced the Hulu documentary “3212 Unredacted” which detailed the 2017 Pentagon coverup of the deaths of US special forces in Niger.

The “lightning raid” was conducted after a search warrant was approved by a federal magistrate judge in the Virginia Eastern District Court, Rolling Stone reported.

“If agents got hold of Meek’s records, the move would have had to have been approved by US Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco.” The New York Post reported.

Meek’s attorneys lashed out at the US government for leaking information to Rolling Stone.

“The allegations in your inquiry are troubling for a different reason: They appear to come from a source inside the government,” Meek’s attorney Eugene Gorokhov told Rolling Stone. “It is highly inappropriate, and illegal, for individuals in the government to leak information about an ongoing investigation.”

“We hope that the DOJ promptly investigates the source of this leak.”

Meek’s last public statement was in the form of a tweet on April 27, 2022 – His colleagues at ABC said Meek “fell off the face of the earth.”

James Meek was arrested this week and faces up to 20 years in prison.

The Daily Mail reported:

The Department of Justice has arrested former ABC News producer James Meek for transporting images of child pornography, nine months after the FBI raided his home and took several of his electronic devices.

Meek, a celebrated investigative reporter, resigned from the network via email just hours after heavily-armed agents swooped on his penthouse apartment in Arlington, Virginia in April.

He is charged with transportation of child pornography using evidence stemming from that raid. If convicted, he faces a mandatory minimum of five years in prison and a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

Meek was last seen in late October, when finally spotted him at his elderly mom’s townhouse in McLean, Virginia, 15 minutes outside Washington, D.C..

The April 27 swoop sparked fears Meek was being targeted for his trailblazing journalism which has exposed shocking military cover-ups, friendly fire deaths and foiled terror plots.

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