CRINGE: Kamala Harris Gets Really Excited Over Electric School Buses, ‘WiFi and Even USB Outlets…Come On, Imagine!’ (VIDEO)

She’s one heartbeat away from the presidency.

Kamala Harris on Thursday traveled to St. Cloud, Minnesota to discuss one of her favorite topics: Electric buses.

Kamala Harris loves Venn diagrams and electric buses.

“Every year, gas-powered buses add millions of tons of pollution to our atmosphere, which further accelerates the climate crisis,” Harris said. “But there’s a solution to all this – and that solution is parked right over there — these buses. Electric buses.”

“Minnesota, this is a transformative moment,” she said. “The climate crisis has presented a historic challenge to our nation and to the world. It also presents a historic opportunity to create new jobs; to drive new innovation; to generate prosperity in all communities.”

She gushed over electric buses.

“The bus has Wi-Fi and even USB outlets next to every seat. I mean, come on, imagine — you could charge your phone!” Kamala Harris exclaimed.


Electric buses are dangerous and very costly.

A California transit official recently said electric buses manufactured by Proterra were melting in the California heat.

One electric bus caught fire while it was charging and the agency said the electric buses are just too expensive to fix.

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