Crime Ridden San Francisco Considers Creating A Red Light District

The far-left city of San Francisco is considering the idea of creating a ‘red light’ district, which would presumably look the other way on the crime of prostitution.

What could go wrong?

Do the folks in charge of the city really think this will make life better for the people?

PJ Media reports:

San Francisco Mulls Creating a Red-Light District

I moved to San Francisco almost right out of college for a sort of internship. I lived there for as long as my wallet could stand it. For a fresh-faced college boy, San Francisco even then was a bit of an eye-opener. Of course, that was before the jump in homelessness and crime. I’m sure it’s much more interesting if less enjoyable now than it was back then.

In California’s race to establish itself as America’s first third-world state, it passed a law repealing the ban on loitering for prostitution. The bill, Senate Bill 357, was the brainchild of state Sen. Scott Wiener (D-11th district), who held that cops were disproportionately targeting women of color and trans people. Now, according to a report in Fox News, prostitution and with it, human trafficking is running rampant in cities in California. Cops say that they can do nothing to help women and children who may be victims of trafficking since they no longer have probable cause to stop and talk with someone, and possibly intervene.

Supporters of the bill say that the previous law criminalized sex workers and created distrust. In Oakland, pimps had women outside of a Catholic school, and prostitutes can be seen walking the streets in various stages of undress day and night. Some appear to be underage. L.A.’s Figueroa Street is now awash with prostitutes.

This is a horrible idea.

Doing this will only invite more crime.

How can the liberal leaders of San Francisco not see this?


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