Here Are the Countries Where China Spy Balloons were Also Spotted Up in the Sky in Last Two Years (VIDEO)

Watching the China balloon cross across the US is like watching another sh*tty Hollywood movie, which serves as a constant reminder of the utter incompetence and weakness of the Biden regime.

The Gateway Pundit reported that the Department of Defense announced on Thursday they have been monitoring a suspected Chinese spy balloon floating over the state of Montana for over two days.

Montana is home to one of the three American nuclear missile silo fields at Malmstrom Air Force Base.

Flights were temporarily grounded on Wednesday after many noticed the UFO.

The balloon is reportedly the size of three school buses.

NBC News reported Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Miley, and other commanders reviewed the threat of the “Chinese stratospheric balloon” and presented several options to Joe Biden.

After evaluating the threat, the U.S. Military, along with the White House, opted not to shoot down the balloon. Debris from the floating device could possibly injure a civilian.

On Friday, the China spy balloon was spotted over Metro St. Louis, miles from Scott Air Force Base.

Missouri Senator Nick Schroer on Twitter shared his letter to Missouri’s governor requesting that the China spy balloon be taken down to protect Missouri residents.

Investigative journalist Kanekoa The Great is back on Twitter thanks to Elon Musk and has now released a Twitter thread detailing that there have been past sightings of high-altitude surveillance balloons and airships above Hawaii, Japan, India, and the Philippines.

The same type of reconnaissance balloon was spotted over Sendai, Japan, on June 17, 2020.

Japanese officials said: “We have absolutely no idea what it is. It may be some kind of weather monitoring equipment, but it definitely isn’t ours.”

Japanese officials confirmed that the balloon was “equipped with a cross part hanging beneath it as well as two propellers,” but were unable to determine the purpose or owner of the balloon.

The same type of reconnaissance balloon was spotted over Port Blair, India, on Jan. 6, 2022. Indian officials were unaware of its origins.

“Zoomed photograph showed some eight dark panel-shaped equipment/objects attached to the flying object.”

The Air Force scrambled F-22s to investigate the same type of reconnaissance balloon off the coast of Hawaii on Feb. 16, 2022. An Air Canada flight spotted the balloon on approach to Honolulu.

Indo-Pacific Command visually confirmed that it was “an unmanned balloon without observable identification markings” floating in the air near the island of Kauai.

The Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai’s west coast is one of the US military’s most advanced testing sites. The Navy describes it as “the world’s largest instrumented multi-environmental range capable of supporting surface, subsurface, air, and space operations.”

The USAF F-22s intercepted the “high altitude unmanned balloon” floating north of Kauai’s Pacific Missile Range Facility.

Hawaii news reported: “Kauai residents said it looked like jets shot it down, and some heard loud booms. But, the military said it did not fire at the balloon.”

A high-altitude surveillance airship was spotted over Pangasinan, Phillippines, on Dec. 18, 2022. Images of the airship – taken about 62 miles from Subic Bay in the northern Philippines – were first posted on Facebook, then Reddit.

Chinese state media reported: “There is no evidence the airship was from China, though its design appears similar to types on display at the Zhuhai air show.”

Brazilian media reported that the airship seemed to turn “transparent” and had broad similarities to high-altitude airships that Chinese companies are known to have been working on. The US and other nations have also developed similar airships.

A Chinese-language poster depicting the Yuang Meng airship. China’s domestically developed floating airship Jimu-1.

A satellite image showing a Chinese airship in the Spratly islands in the South China Sea in 2019. A US military airship in Baltimore, Maryland, in 2014.

The current Chinese spy balloon flying over the US is flying over “sensitive sites,” like the Malmstrom Air Force Base, which holds well over 100 nuclear-tipped ICBM silos.

Red symbolizes active missile fields. Black is deactivated.

Meteorologist Dan Satterfield (@wildweatherdan), backtracked the balloon’s course and traced it to central China.

Reporter: “Why not take it down?”

DOD: “Considering the size of the payload, looking at the potential for debris and the impact on civilians… We assessed that it does not pose a risk to people on the ground as it traverses the United States.”

China does not need to fly a spy balloon over the USA when President Joe Biden’s son admitted to working for the “spy chief of China.”

The balloon is merely symbolic of China’s control over the POTUS.

On Friday, another China spy balloon was spotted over Latin America on Friday.

“We are seeing reports of a balloon transiting Latin America. We now assess it is another Chinese surveillance balloon,” press secretary Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder said in a statement to CNN.

It is unclear where in Latin America the balloon was spotted. The Pentagon said it does not believe the spy balloon over Latin America will make its way to the United States.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon is refusing to shoot down the China spy balloon making its way across the United States.

The high-altitude surveillance balloon is soaring over the US’s most sensitive military installations with Joe Biden’s full approval.

Joe Biden has failed to secure the US’s air space.

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