Comedy Break With JP Sears: ”When the World is Against You”

Comedian JP Sears is back at it with his refreshing tongue in cheek comedy roasting the left’s sacred cows.

Sears’ popularity continues to soar at a time when many are tired of woke, lecturing “comedy.” His satirical videos have been a refreshing change from being chided by the left.

That popularity has resulted in over a million Instagram followers, almost half a million on Rumble and, even on restrictive Twitter, his followers are over 300k.

Sears also has a popular podcast, AwakenWithJP.

The Gateway Pundit shared  JP’s remarks at the January 2022, Defeat the Mandates rally where he served as the master of ceremonies ins Washington D.C.  Sears spoke alongside other prominent leaders such as Robert Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Robert Malone.

“As someone who is out to make the world a better place, one of my passions in life is being in whatever restroom I want, whenever I want. It’s just common sense for inclusivity.”

Enjoy the video below!

On Friday, JP joined Tucker Carlson to discuss social media influencers getting the boot in big tech layoffs and shares his own take on ‘My Day at Work’ videos.


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