THEY DID WHAT CHINA WANTED: Biden’s Energy Secretary Met With Far-Left, China-Connected “Green Energy” Group Before Pushing To Ban American Gas Stoves

The Biden Regime last month created a national uproar when they pushed to ban gas stoves across America before later backtracking. They and their media allies then accused their opponents of unwarranted hysteria.

But today we know the Regime put their plan in motion several months prior and there is a China connection involved.

According to Fox News, Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm secretly met with the leader of the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), which was responsible for the frivolous study claiming gas stoves were a public health hazard, in June 2021. This meeting came just six months before the Regime’s campaign against the gas stove.

The RMI is a radical-left environmentalist group with strong ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Despite this, they have received millions of dollars to help carry out Biden’s so-called “green energy” transition.

Kortenhorst was the only participant in Granholm’s meeting and no agenda was released. But considering the guest and Granholm’s own nefarious desire to rid America of fossil fuels, one can make a safe assumption regarding the subject matter.

Fox News reported:

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm met privately with the leader of the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), the group that funded a recent study used to justify calls for a gas stove ban.

Granholm met with Jules Kortenhorst — the CEO of RMI at the time — in June 2021, according to her internal agency calendar obtained by government watchdog group Americans for Public Trust (APT). Kortenhorst is a widely known global climate activist who also founded the Energy Transitions Commission and chairs the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Net Zero Transition.

Granholm’s calendar listed Kortenhorst as the only participant in the meeting and didn’t include the agenda for the meeting, which was conducted via Zoom and lasted for approximately an hour. RMI didn’t respond to a request for comment.

RMI — which is a Colorado-based nonprofit that works to accelerate the global green energy transition, particularly through economy-wide electrification — recently made headlines after it funded a study that highlighted public health dangers posed by gas stove usage. The study was cited in a Bloomberg article in early January that included comments from a Consumer Product Safety Commission member who told the outlet a gas stove ban was “on the table.”

Granholm also boosted the study, authored by RMI researchers Talor Gruenwald and Brady Seals, in a tweet in which she implored Americans to switch to electric stovetops.

“We can and must FIX this,” Granholm tweeted on Jan. 4 in response to a post from Seal with the study’s findings. “Through [President Biden’s] Inflation Reduction Act, Americans will have greater access to Electric and Induction Cooktops: keeps pollution out of the home. Cooks food faster. Helps families save money.”

In addition, RMI has collaborated with the Chinese government to study transitioning away from traditional fossil fuels and the group’s only office outside the U.S. is located in Beijing, China’s capital city. RMI is a member of the China Clean Transportation Partnership, a green group with significant ties to the Chinese government.

And RMI has been the recipient of millions of dollars in DOE funding and its staff members have participated in agency events on green transportation and sustainability


America is highly dependent on China for solar panels, a key to Biden’s climate plans. One can safely assume reducing fossil fuel energy usage will make America even more dependent on the Chinese.

Banning gas stoves would have aided the Regime in its efforts to wean America off fossil fuels and pacify China in the process.


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