Before His Death, Trump Advisor Curtis Ellis Exposed The Dark Side Of China’s Rise In The Chilling Book “Pandemonium”

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Curtis Ellis was at the forefront of the “great awakening” to China’s trade abuse and economic warfare aimed at weakening our nation.

In his book Pandemonium, he warns that “A crisis with an extraordinarily ambitious China is inevitable.” He shows how we can win with his groundbreaking plan featuring a bold, transformative “New Declaration of Independence” that will end America’s dependence on China and set our nation on a new course.

Steve Bannon writes in the forward to Pandemonium:

Curtis Ellis was an American Original…a man of ideas and a man of action; a thinker and a street fighter; a man as comfortable in a room of ironworkers as he was in a room of economists.

When the history of this time is written, Curtis Ellis will be remembered as an economic nationalist who answered the call and manned the ramparts early for the Make America Great Again, America First Movement. He was the first significant thinker and doer to come aboard a Trump team that was in dire need of both. Curtis Ellis knew the issues, Curtis Ellis knew the players, Curtis Ellis knew the traps.

Without that expertise the MAGA Movement could have well floundered. But instead, it flourished—driven by the Common Man listening to the ideas, nodding and saying, “I agree with that; that’s what I’ve been thinking all along.”

That link between common decency, common sense, and common cause is exactly where Curtis Ellis worked.

MAGA cannot thank him enough, I can’t thank him enough…(Read the book by clicking here)

Sadly, Curtis Ellis passed away from cancer in 2021 – but he left behind instructions on what to do next.

In Pandemonium, we find:

— A precise and skillful analysis to create an essential roadmap in redirecting American thinking about the Chinese Communist Party

— How far we have strayed from that path and lost our way after becoming the greatest industrial power in the world

— How we can get back American power

Pandemonium: China’s Global Strategy to Cripple America is our urgent wake-up call.

Others say about Pandemonium:

“This compelling book by Curtis Ellis shows why he was a ‘secret weapon’ for our side against Chinese unfair trade practices. In Pandemonium: China’s Global Strategy to Cripple America, Ellis lays out an ingenious plan to set America on a new path. A must-read.” — Michael Pillsbury, Director for Chinese Strategy at the Hudson Institute, US Defense Policy Adviser and Author of bestselling The Hundred-Year Marathon: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower

“There is no American future without a full-throated Declaration of Independence from the Chinese Communist Party, as the inspirational Curtis Ellis reminds us in this must-read critique of the ‘elite merger’ that has been taking place between the American and Chinese ruling classes. If anyone can be credited in their legacy for waking the populist West up to the extreme danger of the CCP, it is the late, great Curtis Ellis.” — Raheem Kassam, Editor-in-Chief of The National Pulse

“This insightful book—a great epitaph to a great life—exposes the folly of our nation’s dangerous partnership with a totalitarian regime. Every American should read this.” — Dr. Rob Spalding, Brig Gen, USAF (R), former China Strategist for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon and Author of Stealth War and War Without Rules

The stakes couldn’t be higher with China’s increasing aggression, nuclear expansion, and the escalating military buildup paid for by America’s middle class.

This clarion call, written by an astute architect of economic nationalism who was heralded as a “visionary and true patriot” by Steve Bannon, – is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of America.

Order Pandemonium by clicking here today!

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