THIS WILL NOT END WELL: Communist Chinese Scientists Explore Using MOSQUITOS to Distribute VACCINES, Could Create Dangerous MUTANT Insects Instead

Designing a killer virus evidently was just a little test run for the Chicoms. Now they might unleash mankind’s most notorious insect to supposedly “vaccinate” wildlife and reduce viral infections.

Hard to imagine any unintended consequences will occur. It’s not like mosquitos spread nasty infections like Yellow Fever, Malaria, West Nile, and Dengue Fever to humans.

The South China Morning Post reported Wednesday that Chinese scientists claim they found a way to turn the disease-carrying nuisance into an indispensable ally of all humanity. Of course, this required them to create a few genetically modified insects.

Here are their findings. No question they applied this trial with the same rigor and caution as their other gain of function research projects:

“The researchers found that bites in wildlife from genetically modified mosquitoes triggered a strong, long-lasting immune response. Once immunized, the animals resisted infections, thus helping to prevent the early spread of many viruses, including the once widespread Zika virus (ZIKV).”

“In their study, the researchers used CYV as a vaccine vector to construct a chimeric vaccine, which contains proteins from a different virus. They took several proteins from CYV and inserted them into ZIKV cells to create the CYV-ZIKV virus, which was not infectious (in animals, human impact unknown). CYV-ZIKV could replicate efficiently in mosquitoes and be secreted in saliva, they said.”

But don’t worry about this virus reaching mosquitos in the wild. Chinese scientists assure us they took care of the problem. You can trust the Chicoms, right?

“To rule out the chance that the lab-made CYV-ZIKV virus could spread to wild mosquito populations, all mosquitoes used in the experiment were X-ray irradiated, rendering them infertile.”

Even assuming they are telling the truth, did they consider the possibility these mosquitos could bite humans and spread this new virus? After all, there are over 200 virus species that can infect humans but not animals.  

Who knows? We are talking about a country that has murdered over 65 million of its own people since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seized power in 1949 and also unleashed a global pandemic that has killed about 6.7 million people worldwide. What is a few million more to the Chicoms?

There also exists the possibility these GMO mosquitos will mate with wild ones and form dangerous hybrids if this experiment expands. This actually occurred fairly recently.

Back in 2018, a British Biotech company called Oxitec Ltd. unleashed genetically altered mosquitos in Brazil to reduce the mosquito population. The first months seemed successful as the mosquito numbers declined.

Unfortunately, the insects adapted and the population bounced back with a vengeance 18 months later. The GMO mosquitos and wild populations also successfully mated to form mutant hybrids. This will make them more resistant to future mosquito control efforts.  

The Chinese surely have a trick up their sleeves to ensure the insects “behave” and cannot adapt to future challenges. Right?

Oh wait, they never mention this in their research. As expected, the Chinese either ignored drawbacks to their scientific project or seem to think mutant mosquitos are cool.

To sum this up, if this scientific experiment expands on an international scale, humanity could pay a price. Imagine millions of mutant mosquitos carrying the CYV-ZIKV virus around in America, for example. Talk about a dangerous game of roulette.

The most dangerous virus in the world is not COVID, AIDS, or even Ebola. It is the Chinese Communist Party and its destruction is mandatory.


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