WATCH: “We Know They Stole The Election. We Have MORE Evidence Coming Forth” – Kari Lake Joins Bannon’s War Room To Discuss Arizona Court Of Appeals Setting Conference In Historic Election Lawsuit

Kari Lake joined Steve Bannon’s War Room this morning to explain the latest developments in her appeal against Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson’s dismissal of her lawsuit to overturn the 2022 Midterm election.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that The Arizona Court of Appeals ordered an expedited conference to be set for February 1 in Kari Lake’s historic lawsuit to overturn the botched election in Arizona. Previously, the trial would have been scheduled for March.

BREAKING UPDATE: Arizona Court Of Appeals Schedules Conference In Kari Lake’s Election Lawsuit, Agrees Case Should Be Expedited!

“We know they had intentionally sabotaged Election Day. And we’ve proved that in court, and we will continue to prove it,” said Kari Lake. “We have more evidence coming forth.”

Lake’s complaint includes whistleblower testimony from Maricopa County election workers and Runbeck Election Services whistleblowers. She may have more whistleblowers coming forward!

As The Gateway Pundit reported, the Maricopa County 2022 Election was a disaster. In Maricopa County, over 50% of tabulators and printers failed the moment that polls opened, causing voters to be turned away from the polls and creating long wait times of four hours or more. According to cybersecurity expert Clay Parikh’s testimony, this was an intentional act aimed at disenfranchising Republican voters who turned out 3:1 for Trump-Endorsed candidates. This and other election catastrophes in Maricopa County possibly stole the election from Kari Lake, Abe Hamadeh, and other Republican candidates.

In Lake’s trial with Maricopa County Judge Peter Thompson, Maricopa County Elections Director Scott Jarrett testified at least four times on day one of the trial that 19-inch ballot images were not printed onto 20-inch ballot papers, and he had “no knowledge” of this occurring.

The next day, Jarrett changed his testimony to state that he learned of a fit-to-paper issue “a few days after Election Day” that printed “a slightly smaller image of a 20-inch image on a 20-inch paper ballot.”

Kari Lake’s appeal argues that the trial court dismissed these “explosive findings” and more.

Kari Lake War Room tweeted,


That’s the % of ballots (48 out of 113) that we examined that were 19-inch ballots printed on 20-inch paper.

Our Cyber Expert testified (under the penalty of perjury) that this could not have happened absent of intentional misconduct.

He will do so again for our appeal.

Lake and Bannon spoke about the importance of the Appellate Court taking this case ‘on the merits’ and “cartel-owned goon, Katie Hobbs, sitting in the governor’s office.” Lake stated, “Our state government is controlled by the cartels right now.”

According to Legal Dictionary, ‘on the Merits’ is defined as “referring to a judgment, decision or ruling of a court based upon the facts presented in evidence and the law applied to that evidence. A judge decides a case “on the merits” when he/she bases the decision on the fundamental issues and considers technical and procedural defenses as either inconsequential or overcome. Example: An attorney is two days late in filing a set of legal points and authorities in opposition to a motion to dismiss. Rather than dismiss the case based on this technical procedural deficiency, the judge considers the case “on the merits” as if this mistake had not occurred.”

Watch the interview below:

Bannon: So I’m a little confused, and you’re going to unconfuse me, Kari Lake. Are we doing this earlier? What is the appellate court saying? What’s the big deal about ‘on the merits,’ ma’am?

Lake: Well, I think the new information that came out earlier this week, where they are taking the case on the merits. They didn’t have to take the case. They could have said, you know, we’re actually not going to take the case, and they said, actually, we looked at it, and we’re taking the case. And so Tuesday, the defense has to file their brief. And then we have until the 24th to file our rebuttal, I guess you could say, and then the three-judge panel will take a look at it and make a decision. We are still going to push to get this into the Arizona Supreme Court. It’s going to end up there, ultimately. We’d like to see it go there sooner rather than later. We don’t want to have this cartel operative, this cartel-owned goon, Katie Hobbs, sitting in the governor’s office. Our state government is controlled by the cartels right now. The Secretary of State Adrian Fontes is a cartel attorney. And the cartels completely control Arizona, and that’s not what the people voted for. We know they stole the election. We know they had intentionally sabotaged Election Day. And we’ve proved that in court, and we will continue to prove it. We have more evidence coming forth, but we’re not going to sit by and watch our state turn into what you’re seeing in places like Mexico, and Colombia. We’re seeing the crime skyrocket, we’re seeing people flow across our border, destabilization of Arizona and the whole country, drugs pouring in, and the CCP is connected. You’ve educated people on that. You talked about what they’re doing in research labs. How about the CCP infiltrating our university systems, right there in Arizona? ASU, the Confucius Institute. They take over our research, and they find a great little funnel to bring CCP spies into Arizona. This has to stop. And what we’re seeing right now, Steve, which is really scary, is Arizona is completely grassroots Republican. The grassroots rose up, we showed up and voted in droves. They had to sabotage election day to try to stop us, and now we’re watching these uniparty RINOs, the establishment RINOs going into all these LD meetings where the precinct committee members are meeting, and they’re trying to switch them over as well and turn them into a bunch of RINO-led LDs, and that’s not what it is in Arizona. It’s grassroots all the way.

Bannon: You struck fear in the heart of the elite Kari Lake.

Lake: And we did it with common sense policy. That’s what America First policies are. We have a wide-open border, it’s causing a drug problem, It’s causing a crime problem, It’s causing destabilization, it’s causing a housing crisis, it’s causing Americans to not be able to get jobs. And so we solve it by securing the border. This is basic stuff, and the political elite will never do it because they are in on that open border. They want an open border. They’re in on that structure of the cartels controlling things, and they don’t want it secured, and I want to get out a message to the grassroots in Arizona and really all over the country. As they’re trying to take back control, I’m talking about the RINOs, trying to take back control from the We The People, the little guy, the real average American who has taken control of the Republican Party, thankfully, rightfully so. They’re trying to take it back, and they’re trying to cause chaos at these meetings so that the grassroots Republicans, the America first Republicans, will throw their hands up and just walk out and say, we’re done. We’re not going to take part in this. That’s what they want. Do not walk out of these meetings. Stay put, hold your ground, they want us not to vote again. We can’t let them have that they want us going back, putting our head in the sand, and falling back asleep, and not reclaiming our country. We’re not going to let them have that; we will not let them have that victory.

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