Washington Post Columnist Claims MLK Sculpture Shows “How White America Loves to Butcher MLK” – But There’s One Big Problem

We all knew at some point someone was going to pull out the race card and blame the whites for the revolting sculpture of Martin Luther King, Jr. unveiled last Friday in Boston. This someone happens to Karen Attiah, a Washington Post columnist.

Attiah decided to start a Twitter thread Monday blaming “White America” for the sculpture and trashing Boston as a racist city. Here is the thread:

Throughout Attiah’s incessant complaining she never once mentioned the artist responsible for designing the grotesque MLK sculpture. She would be shocked to find out he is a black man (h/t Twitchy)

One can safely say nobody has ever accused Hank Willis Thomas, the artist, of being part of a white racist conspiracy to “butcher” MLK. He is, however, responsible for the national ridicule the sculpture has received.

Don’t count on Karen Attiah removing her false tweets, however. She adheres to her own version of truth like the rest of the corporate media.


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