Vegan Activists Nearly Kill Themselves By Jumping In The Middle Of Road To Stop A Livestock Truck (VIDEO)

An anonymous Twitter user posted a video today showing how two vegans nearly became Darwin Award winners when they attempted to stop a truck carrying livestock.

The video begins with a bearded vegan male saying they are standing in front of the Fearman’s Pork Slaughterhouse in Burlington, Ontario, Canada where “10,000 lives are taken daily” solely “for no more than the taste buds of humans.”

The vegan then points to a livestock truck carrying in his words “approximately 300 animals.” He announces he and his fellow vegans will play Russian Roulette in an attempt to halt the vehicle:

“We’re going to stop this truck so we can bear witness.”

He and another vegan then walk right in front of the massive truck and nearly get run over. The screams of “oh, my God” can be heard afterwards.


After failing to stop the truck and coming within seconds of making himself mincemeat, the bearded vegan then pops back into the video and states the obvious:

“Well, I almost got run over.”

He goes on to call the driver a “f**king lunatic” and whine about how livestock truck drivers “have no f**king respect for human life or for animal life.”

People who care about animal welfare should not look up to morons engaging in meaningless stunts and needlessly risking their lives. Instead, they should support local animal shelters or help effective organizations like White Coat Waste Project.


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