US Marine and Father of Six Jesus Rivera Starts 8 Month Prison Sentence Today for Petty Trespass Offenses and Misdemeanors – Please Help His Family Below

Jesus Rivera and Family

Guest Post by Kelly Wilde

Documentary filmmaker Jesus Rivera started an 8 month prison sentence today for four misdemeanor trespass and parading charges related to January 6th.

This is in stark contrast to the treatment they gave The New Yorker’s Luke Mogelson, who was not even charged let alone sentenced to jail time for engaging in the exact same activities at the Capitol as Rivera.

In fact, the discrepancies are raising some alarm bells. Mogelson filmed the footage on his cell phone and went as far as walking into sacred Senate Chambers to film the events taking place. (For reference, the “Q Anon Shaman” was sentenced to 41 months for the same activity.)

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Meanwhile, Rivera captured the film on his professional DSLR camera equipment, entered the building in the exact same manner as Mogelson, walked only as far as the Crypt, and left in 20 minutes. Watch Rivera’s side-by-side footage comparison here.

Liberal privilege has major perks!

***Rivera is currently appealing this completely crooked sentence. Help if you can HERE.

Although the probation office calculated Rivera’s sentencing guidelines at 0-6 months, district judge Kollar-Kotelly capitulated to prosecutors, who sought a minimum of 8 months of incarceration for the non-violent Marine Corps combat veteran.

Judge Kollar-Kotelly previously sentenced another combat veteran, 71-year-old Vietnam Veteran Lonnie Coffman, to 46 months in prison for an unconstitutional gun possession charge. Per a Supreme Court ruling in June, prosecutors have subsequently been forced to drop the charges that Kollar-Kotelly sent the 71-year-old to nearly 4 years in prison for.

No district court will admit whether this is selective and vindictive prosecution. This needs to go to the higher courts.

***Rivera is working on an appeal that could have a rippling effect for many cases. Please support his legal effort HERE.

Rivera became a documentary filmmaker after serving 10 years in the United States Marine Corps. He deployed to Iraq in 2004 where he incurred substantial injuries defending our country.

Rivera is a father of six children. His wife was previously doxxed by leftists who tried to get her fired from her job at their church. His absence will create a substantial burden on their family.


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Rivera’s footage, which was previously published by The Gateway Pundit, completely debunks the fake news narrative. It shows people walking through an unobstructed open door and casually filtering through the building, while police officers direct traffic inside.

He will be committed to FCI Pensacola for his birthday on Wednesday.

***Please support this veteran hero, who has already risked his life to protect our world with his military service,  HERE. 


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