UPDATE: Here’s How The Predatory Gay Activist Couple Was Allowed To Adopt Children Despite One Member Being Previously Accused Of Child Rape

The journalist who originally broke the story detailing William Dale Zulock, Jr and Zachary Jacoby Zulock’s demonic alleged crimes on their adopted boys now has another blood-boiling reveal. The following is a story on how a system meant to protect kids instead allowed them to fall prey to these two evil men.

Townhall.com’s Mia Cathell on Thursday turned her focus to how William and Zachary were able to adopt their kids in the first place. Cathell reveals in her article that that Zachary had previously been credibly accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy back in 2011.

Despite this, a completely oblivious special needs adoption agency which worked in partnership with the Georgia Department of Human Services allowed the couple to adopt the two children in 2018. The Georgia courts then made the adoption official on November 7, 2018, seven months after the boys moved in.

Cathell had revealed over the prior two days sordid details regarding William and Zachary’s sickening alleged abuse of their adopted sons and how they pimped them out to pedophiles in the Atlanta suburbs. She also released details about their co-conspirators.

The Gateway Pundit also previously reported that Zachary and William were accused of making porn with the children. The children were rescued and taken by officials.

Here is Cathell’s Twitter thread with the full details on the system’s culpability in Zachary and William’s alleged crimes:

To recap, not only did All God’s Children and the Georgia Department of Human Services turn a blind eye to Zachary’s past alleged pedophilia, but the Zulocks specifically targeted the two children because they came from broken homes. On top of this, the police blew a golden opportunity to rescue the boys.

It’s difficult to comprehend a more toxic combination of wickedness and incompetence.


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