Update: Only Days After Collapsing on Field, Damar Hamlin Joins Team Meeting By Video

Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin continues to improve after he collapsed on the field after a tackle during Monday Night Football.

On Thursday, news surfaced that Hamlin had regained consciousness. Doctors reported that his neurologic function remains intact and he was communicating  with his family and care team.

By Friday, Hamlin was able to make a surprise visit to a Bills team meeting via FaceTime.  According to Coach Bill’s coach Sean McDermot, Hamlin flexed his muscles and did his signature heart symbol.

McDermott also shared his emotional reaction to Hamlin’s recovery and news that Hamlin’s GoFundMe, to support children in need, received a flood of donations beginning Monday night.  The fund raised approximately $10,000 since its inception in 2020 prior to Monday night. By Friday, over $8 million has been raised.

McDermott joined many others in freely expressing his faith during this difficult time.

Denny Kellington, a Bills assistant athletic trainer, has received accolades for swiftly administering CPR.  His quick reaction likely prevented potential neurological complications.


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