Steve Bannon: Joe Biden Must Come Before the House and Explain How they Solve the Financial and Ukrainian Conflicts They Created (VIDEO)

As the Biden Regime and Uniparty rev up for war with nuclear Russia, Steve Bannon on Monday demanded that Joe Biden speak to nation and lay out the national vital interests at stake in a war in Ukraine with Russia.

And lawmakers must pass a War Powers Resolution and explain why the US needs to be at war defending the oligarchs of Ukraine.

Democrats Owe The American People Explanations On How They Plan To Solve The Financial And Ukrainian Conflicts That They Created

Steve Bannon: No, we have to have for all the constitutional conservatives in Conservative Inc. and particularly those that are Zelensky fanboys, how about this? How about a War Powers Resolution?  I want to make sure and I talked about this on John Frederick ‘s Show a little earlier. We have two things before us that are central, that are massively signal, not noise, and have to be remedied now because we can’t go forward on both of these.

Number one.  The debt ceiling, the debt crisis, the financial crisis. The treasury, he’s going to meet on Wednesday. There’s nothing to negotiate…  I want to see this as anybody would do in these type of restructurings, reorganizations or bankruptcies. But more importantly, walk me through a couple of years. Tell me, how is this sustainable? It’s not, because every year you’re going to have a trillion to $1.5 trillion deficit that’s going to have to be financed by the Federal Reserve.

You just going to have to print money. So we need to see their model for the nation, the financial situation of the country laid out in a mathematical model like anybody would ask for it, number one.

Number two.  All constitutional conservatives. You must demand immediately that Joe Biden come before the nation, the Biden regime come before the nation in the House and ask for a War Powers Resolution. Right?

And in that he should lay out the vital national security interests of the United States in this situation.  Our strategy, our objective, the interim objectives, and the amount of money it’s going to take?  And exactly when, and he’s got to be upfront, when American combat troops, the 101st Airborne that’s on the border in Romania, when are they actually going to be in the fight? Because it is impossible.

It’s impossible. She’s the one that took the 31 tanks over there back in ’14. It’s impossible to put those tanks in theater, into Ukraine. It’s impossible to put the F 16s unless you have American logisticians, you have maintenance, you have training. And that has to be American.

If you want a “Spring offensive,” right? If you want to spring offensive, like the Venkt, if you want to Spring Offensive and you’re going to be riding shotgun with tanks that have iron crosses on it, you the American taxpayer. Just think about that.

Via The War Room on GETTR.

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