Reporters Repeatedly Grill Karine Jean-Pierre on ‘GarageGate,’ Biden Document Cover Up, Lack of Transparency and More! (VIDEO)

Reporters on Thursday grilled White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on ‘GarageGate’ and the cover-up involving the classified documents stored at Biden’s Delaware home.

On Monday it was revealed top secret intelligence documents related to Ukraine, UK and Iran were found in Joe Biden’s private office shortly before the 2022 midterm elections.

Joe Biden stored top-secret files with the “sensitive compartmented information” (SCIF) designation at Penn Biden Center in DC.

Joe Biden’s aides found at least one more batch of classified documents at another location.

Government officials discovered more classified documents at Joe Biden’s Delaware home – in the garage.

For reference, here is Biden’s garage:

US Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to investigate Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents.

Garland tapped Robert Hur as the special counsel.

Robert Hur – a Trump appointee – was a US Attorney for the US District of Maryland.

Peter Doocy dubbed the scandal “GarageGate” – after it was revealed classified documents were stored in Biden’s garage next to his Corvette.

“Another one on GarageGate. What is the White House trying to hide?”


“Someone gave the President a statement to read on Tuesday that was incomplete at best. Misleading at worst. Who?”

KJP dodged the question!


CBS’s Ed O’Keefe grilled Karine Jean-Pierre over the Biden team’s lack of transparency during this process as well as the suspicious timeline of events.


ABC’s Karen Travers asked Karine Jean-Pierre if there are additional classified documents in other locations.

Karine Jean-Pierre once again dodged the question.


NBC’s Kristen Welker grilled KJP about the timeline: “Can you tell us today when did the President find out about that first batch of documents and then the second batch of documents…”

KJP did not provide a timeline.


Kristen Welker peppered KJP with more questions: “You have said repeatedly, the president has said, he takes classified documents very seriously. If that’s the case, why were these classified documents being stored in his garage?”

Kristen Welker AGAIN: “Do you acknowledge that the fact that the White House did not reveal this to the public despite the fact that you’ve known about it for months, undercuts the President’s promise of being transparent with the American people?”

KJP argued with her and insisted Joe Biden was transparent with the American people.


Peter Doocy also asked about the visitor logs at Biden’s Wilmington home.

This is a scandal that is not getting enough attention.

Joe Biden has spent 40% of his presidency on vacation.

There are no publicly available visitor logs at his Wilmington home where he illegally stored classified documents.

“When will the White House release a log of visitors to the Wilmington house?” Doocy asked.

KJP: “You know, ahh. Peter you’ve asked this question, your colleagues have asked this question before…”

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