Rep Gosar: ‘We Will Conduct An Investigation Into Attempted Coup By Traitor Gen. Mark Milley and Pelosi’

Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona is leading the charge for Republicans in launching an investigation into General Mark Milley and Nancy Pelosi.

On January 7th Gosar tweeted “Remember – we will conduct a real investigation into J6. The effort to attempt a coup between traitor Gen. Mark Milley and Pelosi will be reviewed and exposed.”

Gosar would continue “Milleys treasonous sell-out to China will be investigated. Pelosi not warning members about intel of impending violence will be exposed.”

Gosar would continue his series of tweets by writing “soon, we’ll know the truth.”

The lawmaker from Arizona wrote teh wtees as a reponse to comedian John Fugelsang wo tweeted out “Remember – Kevin McCarthy, Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert & Paul Gosar all share the same pre-existing sedition.”

Rep. Paul Gosar was one of the 20 lawmakers who orginally voted against Rep. Kevin McCarthy to be the House Speaker.

But after several rounds of negotiations Gosar voted for McCarthy on the grounds of McCarthy agreed to operate under new “constituitional” and “transparent rules”.

Gosar comments about Gen. Milley being a sell out to China comes a week after the Gateway Pundit reported that Bob Woodward’s new book Peril reveals “General Mark Milley, the Joint Chiefs chairman, told China in a secret phone call that he would give advance warning if the US was ever going to attack.”

TREASON: Gen. Mark Milley Hid Nuke Codes from Trump – Held Secret Calls with Chinese Defense Officials – Then Surrendered to Taliban and Armed Them with $80 Billion in US Weapons


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