Peter Doocy Reveals the BRUTAL Question He Was Going to Ask Karine Jean-Pierre Had She Called On Him (VIDEO)

Honestly, it’s quite surprising Karine Jean-Pierre had not actively frozen out Peter Doocy before yesterday considering how bad he always makes her look. She should consider herself lucky she did because the question Doocy had yesterday in store would have rendered her speechless.

Joe Biden is currently battling the greatest crisis of his presidency thus far. Just today, at least five more classified documents were discovered at Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home in addition to the 20 previously uncovered at the Wilmington home and the Penn Biden Center.

Some of these documents contain top secret information, which if leaked would cause “exceptionally grave danger.” This danger includes to America’s national security.

Here is what Doocy told the Fox News audience about the question he had in store for KJP. It’s truly a question combined with an obvious factoid.


Doocy: If I would’ve had an opportunity to ask a question, the first one I have on my sheet was why is President Biden going to Wilmington today, isn’t that a potential crime scene?

Yes, and usually when people return to the scene of the crime the reason is to cover their tracks. Perhaps that explains Biden’s Wilmington trip?

As the TGP’s Cristina Laila points out, not only did Biden abscond with top secret documents, but he and his Regime actively engaged in a cover-up. Biden’s own personal attorneys first discovered classified documents at the Penn Biden Center back on November 2, over two months ago. Then on December 20, classified material was discovered in the garage of Biden’s Wilmington home.

Yet the Regime kept this information from the public in hopes no one would ever find out. This cover-up certainly bears similarities to former President Richard Nixon ordering a cover-up of the Watergate break-in and that did not involve top secret federal government documents.

Nixon was forced to resign afterwards and his name lives in infamy. What Biden did was unquestionably worse and it’s no wonder he and his Regime are so scared of real reporters like Peter Doocy.


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