NY Gov. Hochul: Rules for Thee But Not For Me-Uses Gas Stoves While Pushing Ban on The Little People

Image: Screenshot @wonderfulprj/Twitter

New York Governor Kathy Hochul  is fully behind the Biden Regime’s push to ban gas stoves and wants to start banning them in new homes by 2025.

The Gateway Pundit reported that the primary culprit behind the push may be connected to the World Economic Forum.

The New York Post reports:

The pushback is targeting Hochul’s personal use of fossil fuels on gas ranges at the Executive Mansion in Albany and at her private pad in Buffalo.

“The governor’s push to ban gas stoves appears to be as hypocritical as it is ridiculous,” Assembly Minority Leader William Barclay (R-Fulton) fumed.

“One has to wonder how many times she’s fired up her own gas stove since declaring them environmentally unsafe in her State of the State Address,” he added.

In two years, new smaller buildings will no longer be allowed to have gas hook-ups under the proposal unveiled by Hochul earlier this month — with the ban extending to larger buildings under construction by 2028.

Hochul has argued the state must push electrification mandates for new buildings in order to implement plans to reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions by 85% compared with 1990 levels as required by a 2019 state law championed by Albany Democrats.

Critics say the gas stoves at the Executive Mansion — and the range documented in Hochul’s social media feeds — belie Hochul’s stated aim to confront climate change.

Upstate Republican Rep. Nick Langworthy said, “Is it any surprise that Queen Kathy cooks on her gas stove when she flies around on private planes? New Yorkers are so sick of phony climate-warrior hypocrites and their ‘rules for thee but not for me.’ Our state is in a crime and economic free fall and she’s waging war on appliances.”



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