Donald Trump SCORCHES “Peekaboo” Letitia James And “Whack Job” E. Jean Carroll In Hysterical Court Transcripts (MUST READ)

On Friday, a Clinton-appointed judge refused former President Donald Trump’s motion to dismiss mentally unwell E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit alleging Trump raped her back in the 1990s. We also have court transcripts from Trump’s testimony and it brings back memories of the old Trump, complete with his savage and biting humor.

PJ Media’s Megan Fox went through these transcripts and what she uncovers is the Trump we fell in love with.

Her thread starts with Trump telling Carroll’s attorney Roberta Kaplan, who also represented notorious abuser and liar Amber Heard, he did not need help preparing his written statement before the court. “I didn’t need to talk to anyone. I’m not Joe Biden,” Trump said.

Next, Trump tells Kaplan not only will he be suing Carroll after this lawsuit, but he will be suing Kaplan as well.

“I’ll sue her when this is over. That’s the part I’m really looking forward to doing,” said Trump. “And I’ll sue you too!”

Trump next denies knowing Carroll and correctly refers to her as a “total whack job.” From Fox:

“Is there anything in particular that prompted you to make this statement last week?” asked Kaplan.

“Yeah. Her false story and that I have to waste a whole day doing these ridiculous questions with you,” Trump retorted in classic Trumpian style. But it gets better!

Someone should songify this part. “I still don’t know this woman. I think she’s a whack job. I have no idea. I don’t know anything about this woman other than what I read in the stories and what I hear. I know nothing about her.”

The attorney repeated, “I think it’s your testimony that you had no idea who she was?” and Trump shot back, “I still don’t.”

Finally, Trump christens New York Attorney General Letitia James with the nickname “Peekaboo James.” This, of course, is in reference to her obsession with destroying Trump even when poking her nose into affairs she has no business in.

“At the top of the thing you say ‘Peekaboo James,’ said the lawyer. “Yes,” replied The Don. “I assume that’s New York Attorney General Leticia James?” replied the lawyer. “Yes. You know, your friend Cuomo knows her,” replied Trump. “You should ask Andrew about her,” he continued interrupting Kaplan.

This tour de force from Trump is precisely the treatment this frivolous lawsuit deserves. Maybe he can take this renewed pugnacity and humor with him on the campaign trail as well.


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