LIVE UPDATES: The Proud Boys Trial-Jury Selection in Washington DC Continues – The Persecution of Innocent Americans

The J6 Proud Boy Leadership trial is taking place this week in Washington DC.

The trial will determine if the leaders of the Proud Boys committed ‘sedition.’ a completely made up charge following the January 6 protests.

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was not even at the US Capitol on January 6 but for some reason he is being included in this trial.

If found guilty, these men faced up to 20 years in prison.

The regime does not care about human lives.

The case is currently in the Jury Selection process and it is proving difficult to find an unbiased jury pool in Washington DC, which should surprise no one.

TGP reported on Dec. 23, there was a half-day before the court would break for more than a week over the Christmas and New Years’ Holidays. On that day, only a single potential juror was qualified, and even THAT juror – to any objective observer – should not have happened!  The qualification of this potential juror led to what has been described by eyewitnesses in the courtroom as an “explosive and fiery” exchange between the lead prosecutor, AUSA Erik Kenerson and one of the defense attorneys, Nicholas Smith.  In this exchange, the prosecutor warned Smith is a “racist” for his line of questioning of the potential juror  – which made the entire courtroom break out into a frenzy, prompting Judge Kelly to gavel the courtroom back into order.

That potential juror who was “qualified” that Friday by Judge Timothy J. Kelly admitted to being a top organizer for the Washington DC BLM organization.

Is it even possible for the Proud Boys to find a jury of their peers in the leftist DC swamp?

TGP’s Alicia Powe reported during today’s morning recess.

Alicia Powe:

Alicia Powe, The Gateway Pundit reporting from the Barry Prettyman Federal Courthouse in Washington, DC where the Proud Boys Trial is underway. The judge has been qualifying, uh, jury members. This is, I believe, day four or five of that. The jury selection process began before Christmas, before the New Year, and has reconvened starting, this week. I believe approximately 20 or 20 to 30 jury members have, potential jury members have qualified for selection. I was here yesterday and talked a lot about how these biased left-wing jury members with a very, outright bias against the Proud Boys have been selected repeatedly, one after another. And we’re here with Nicole Reffitt, the wife of a J6, defendant, Guy Reffitt, and Nicole has been attending all of the trials, uh, of the J six defendants. Fill us in Nicole, on what’s transpired this morning, cause we’re going to hear later after the afternoon recess.

Nicole Reffitt:

Okay. Today is the first, the fifth full day of jury selection here in the Proud Boys trial. We have gotten to 32 out of 46 potential jurors before the strikes begin. You know, it, it has been a super difficult process trying to get a jury in this trial because of just the sheer exposure that the Proud Boys Organization and Enrique, uh, Enrique Tario has received. You know, there’s been a lot of really hard questions asked about BLM and Antifa.

And those of you who don’t live in the district or have never visited DC, it is a very concentrated place of BLM supporters. They’re BLM flags and BLM signs in, in yards and windows. I’ve witnessed it since I’ve been in here, been in the DC area. So today it was, it was, there was a lot of discussion with the attorneys, particularly Nick Smith brought up a very good question to Judge Kelly about the impact the voir dire question has….are you, do you sympathize with BLM? And if you do, will that cause you to have negative feelings towards the Proud Boys? Because some of these issues may be brought up.

That has been a very explosive topic with the jurors. I believe five out of 128 potential jurors had a  somewhat negative view of BLM. And so the question is now Nick Smith ,put to Judge Kelly is we would like a whole new jury pool and have that question removed from voir dire. Judge Kelly is not going to do that. He feels that we’re too far into this trial at this point, and selecting a new jury without that question isn’t going to,  it’s not gonna create a, a better jury pool. So you could disagree with that.

Alicia Powe:

Nicole, tell us your, take your, impression of Judge Kelly, because it seems he shares this BLM  left-wing bias.

There’s no way to really, like, it’s appalling how he’s letting these jury members qualify for selection, because if he were a fair, impartial judge, he would say that, uh, we, we need to do this. We need to conduct this hearing in a different state where everyone isn’t a left-wing activist. Right? What do you think?

Nicole Reffitt:

Well, and, and I think that question has been put to Judge Kelly. It was put to him, by Norm…. Norm Pattis… he brought that to Judge Kelly yesterday, that question. He’s the attorney for Joe Biggs. And, you know, he had that very same question, Judge Kelly, once again, he was, he was, he did not rule favor favorably into that. And, you know, he just, he doesn’t feel like that it’s productive in this case.

Alicia Powe:

So, well, we’re heading back in there for another long day of jury selection.

And, what’s really gonna happen here, if every single jury member that qualifies out 46 that need to be selected are all the same folks you find at the Women’s March, and Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists wearing double masks, triple masks believing lies of the mainstream media, what’s going happen is, these leaders of the Proud Boys face 20 year prison sentences and that might just be the outcome unless the defense team is able to persuade the judge to do the right thing.

Nicole Reffitt:

Well, you know, you can only hope that, you know, it, it, it’s a difficult process here in the district that people in the district are not a jury of our peers. The rest of us live in the real world, and this is not the real world here in, in the DC and that’s exactly where we get our jury pool from.

Watch the full update below.

The Gateway Pundit will report live from the Proud Boys trial and will be providing daily updates.


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