EXCLUSIVE: J6 Political Prisoner Jake Lang Releases New Book “Patriot Prisoner” From the Depths of Solitary Confinement on the 2nd Year Anniversary of Jan 6 Protests – FIRST CHAPTER INCLUDED

January 6th political prisoner Jake Lang released his new book Patriot Prisoner on the second anniversary of the January 6th protests in Washington DC.
January 6th freedom fighter Jake Lang reveals ALL in a sensational and heart-wrenching book about the hidden truth of the greatest democracy protest in American history.
In Patriot Prisoner Jake tells all the gruesome details of that infamous day and the story of his prolific journey through the broken US Justice System. After over 710 days awaiting trial, Jake has come forward to give the American people a glimpse into the intense struggle of the modern-day patriot. His stand against tyranny has cost him everything, and it’s Liberty or Death for him in this tale of God’s power of turning tragedy into triumph!
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God bless you and remember: Fear does not live in the heart of a patriot!!! Books will ship in early Summer of 2023.
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Did you know that a Jewish Trump supporter saved a Black Trump supporter’s life from the DC Police on January 6th?
The mainstream media ignored this for some reason?

Political prisoner Jake Lang is serving time in Washington DC for his actions on January 6.
Jake Lang, a Jewish Trump supporter, has been held without trial and abused in the DC Gitmo for over 330 days.

Jake Lang was trampled when Capitol Police attacked and then without warning pushed Trump supporters down the stairs outside the US Capitol in Washington DC.

Jake was buried under several people when the Capitol police continued to push protesters on top of him. He was next to Rosanne Boyland who was killed by police when they trampled her and pushed Trump protesters on top of her. Jake saw Rosanne die. He saw it in her eyes. He also saw Philip Anderson’s limp body who was laying next to Rosanne Boyland.  This was all while DC Police continued to beat, push and pepper spray the protesters on the ground.

That’s when Jake Lang decided to take action.

Jake, who is a former wrestler, was able to save himself and then he saved Philip Anderson who he pulled to safety.

Jake’s rescue of Philip Anderson was caught on video. The entire time he was pulling Philip to safety the police continued to beat protesters with sticks and spray them with pepper spray.

Jake saved Philip Anderson’s life.

Then he went back and confronted the police who were still attacking the Trump supporters.  It should be noted that the Trump crowd was entirely peaceful until the Capitol Police decided to fire flash grenades on the men, women, children and seniors who had gathered outside the US Capitol.

Jake Lang released the First Chapter of Patriot Prisoner earlier today.

Pre-order the new book Patriot Prisoner, written by political prisoner from January 6th, Edward Jacob Lang. Now available on GiveSendgo.com/PatriotPrisonerbook

Chapter One.

Let me first start off this book with a blessing. May God bless you, my dear brother or sister, for opening this book and deciding to open your heart to listen to my story. May He grant you the wisdom to seek salvation first and the courage to love in the face of evil. I want to let you know, the reader, that this book is not for the weak minded, easily offended, overly emotional, or especially the apathetic. I will not be whining or complaining, and nothing I say comes from fear, because fear does not live in the heart of a patriot.

I speak the truth directly from the power of God’s Holy Spirit, no matter the cost, threat, punishment or perception. To suffer, to truly suffer for righteousness’s sake and to be cast off and hated by this world, is the single biggest blessing a man can have in this lifetime. I consider myself highly favored by God to be chosen for a time like this. He makes no mistakes. Today is three days shy of 19 months as a political prisoner in the United States of America.

To be brutally honest, whatever your political leanings are, I don’t really care. Take your red or blue hat off at the door. Get ready to dive into a story that goes beyond labels and voting booths into the most convoluted parts of a man who yearns for liberty so badly he’s willing to die for it. Today, listening to my radio locked in my whitewashed 8×10 cell for over 22 hours with only a two-inch mat and a toilet, I heard an audio clip from Shanghai, China. A city of 28 million living souls wrapped in a human body, made by the image of God. These people are living in a dystopian, tyrannical nightmare that nearly made me sweat blood like Christ. They have been padlocked inside their high-rise apartments, unable to leave for many days, and are being starved alive. I’m sure right about now they’re realizing they can’t eat an iPad or flat screen TV. And how nice it would be to own a gun, get a militia together, and take back the reins of freedom. Instead, like zoo animals, they are stuck screaming out of their balconies, begging for food. Here’s the part that could get you violent and sick, but mostly violent. Drones owned by the Chinese state regime are flying up to the balconies, blaring on a loudspeaker quote, “Suppress your soul’s desire for freedom.”

Please take this time now to throw this book and punch the nearest redcoat in the face. Say with me now, “Righteous indignation is okay.” Just ask Jesus when he literally whipped the corrupt lawmakers and bankers of the capitol of Jerusalem. Wherever you retrieved this book from, apologize to your wife for breaking that hideous vase. Good aim.

We need to pray. Take this time to besiege the Lord, to concentrate his saving hand for these people. To give them the strength to preserve and to never have their spirit or free will broken. Because that’s what these repeat abuses and lockdowns are constantly stripping their dignity of. And they’re doing to the Chinese people.
It is the goal of demonic tyrants to finally decay their desire to be free to such a point they will even starve to death in silence. Like breaking in a wild mustang, they are conditioned over and over again by the chains of unbreakable control and surveillance to give up any semblance or thought of human freedom. Docile and submissive shells of men who know the state as their master. There is no room to fear only God.

You can see where I’m going with this. As the Beastie Boys said once brilliantly, “You got to fight for your right to party!” So let’s travel back across the earth to the land of the free and the home of the brave. The republic of 50 sovereign states that banded together to form a union, God’s country. The flag that was once the beacon of freedom and the hope for the rest of the world, had disintegrated into a threadbare shadow. This is no mistake. This is what happens when you take God out of a free nation’s foundation, the God that once gave men the strength to stand for their constitutional republic. The uprooting of our foundation is no mistake either. It is actually the result of a clinically executed campaign of subterfuge disinformation and cognitive conditioning by a pack of ravenous bloodthirsty elitists. They have puppets who wear red ties and blue ties, who own and control all financial and currency producing institutions, mainstream news media platforms, big tech companies, Hollywood studios, colleges, and most importantly, they select leaders, not elect them.
They all have one thing in common. They serve, worship and work for Satan himself. Some unaware, building his kingdom as the ruler of the physical earth. A sad but true reality that has been spoken about and prophesied about for thousands of years. Building of a One World government that controls a vast majority of humans who submit to its jurisdiction. Ruled by the hate filled fist of tyranny. Why? You might ask.
Because God created us with the free will to choose, to worship and to be united with him in love. And if the devil can break our spirit and make us serve and worship the One World government which is his earthly body, the same as Christ’s earthly body as the Church, then he has succeeded. He is fulfilling his ultimate purpose, written in the Book of Revelation, and can only be defeated by Christ! The bad news is that it will happen eventually. The good news is we are called by God to expose and fight spiritual evil and can prevent it happening, possibly for millennia.

Wait. You might ask me, Jake, how does fighting spiritual evil, using love in the word of God, reconcile your actions on January 6? To tell you the God’s honest truth? I don’t know. I don’t think any man can explain it. But when we see evil manifest in its raw form, we have to battle it any way we can.
Ask Christ why he chose to whip the bankers and lawmakers out of the capital, the temple of God, instead of praying to God to remove them by a hailstorm or other phenomena. Ask General George Washington while he crossed the Delaware River Christmas morning, a devout Christian and a man of holy character. We don’t know. Righteous zeal eats us up, but we just have to move in faith. The short answer is because fighting tyranny is the right thing to do. I showed up January 6 ready to fight tyranny, perversion, wickedness and evil any way I could.
I didn’t expect to be in an armed combat with redcoats on the steps of my own Capitol with a baseball bat, ride shield and gas mask for nearly 3 hours. But I was physically, mentally and spiritually prepared to do whatever is needed to do to defend my country, Constitution and God given rights for myself and for the next generation, so they can enjoy the fruits of liberty. If you don’t see the 500 signs that America is headed in the same direction as China, and unless a spiritual and possibly literal revolution takes place, we will be there in a matter of years, not decades, then you, my lost brother or sister, are suffering from a malignant form of cognitive dissonance. Symptoms may include anxiety, homosexuality, having trouble breathing, chemtrails? Abnormal trust in paid actors performing as journalists, lack of nausea over the murder of unborn babies, verbal diarrhea whenever confronted with facts, pre-baptism depression, blindness to the light of God, pettiness, apathy, road rage, utter and total lack of peace. Blatant self-centeredness addiction to social media and other people’s opinions, lust filled lifestyle, spineless convictions, paralyzing complacency and a sheep like ability to give up liberty for perceived safety.

You may develop allergies to free speech, armor piercing bullets, and the nuclear family with man as the loving, caring, dominant leader of his household and community. Known cures: prayer plus a red pill. No, that has nothing to do with being a Republican. It comes from the semi-nonfictional movie The Matrix. I guess now is a good time as any to tell you that I’ve never voted for a Republican and I am closely aligned with voluntariness and libertarian values.

And I didn’t even vote for Trump. I was too busy being a horrible boyfriend on a binge in Miami. Life before Christ is rough. No point in voting in the last election, though. It was robbed disgracefully from a pretty solid dude, Donald J. Trump. I’ve admittedly got a few major issues with the guy. He looked me in the eyes and told me he was going to be down at the Capitol with us. The coward didn’t show and didn’t sign the Insurrection Act to prevent the real New World Order coup from taking place, letting that slithering serpent Joe Biden take office. Trump didn’t show backbone when our country needed it most, probably because he is fully aware that we don’t live in a constitutional republic anymore and this country needs a bare bone stripping to its core to get back on the right track.
That pretty much is what this book is about. The events surrounding my revelation from God on the true nature of our country and how to save it. You will also hear about little old me, the wild young man who came crawling to God after a decade of debauchery, my businesses, relationships and events that shaped me, including the gory and juicy details of January 6 and my illegal incarceration for 19 months after. The story of a young man God humbled and healed and how I went from a promoter to a patriot to a prisoner to a pastor. And how, together, we might just salvage this land we call the United States of America.

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