Get Woke, Go Broke: M&Ms Replaces Woke Spokescandies with Comedian Maya Rudolph

Get woke, go broke.

M&Ms is putting a ‘pause’ on their cartoon spokescandies and replacing them with former SNL comedian Maya Rudolph.

Earlier this month Mars unveiled a woke limited-edition all-female M&M’s bag featuring lesbians and ‘fat positive’ candies to honor women.

The upside packaging celebrated women who are “flipping the status quo.”

The green and brown candies represent a lesbian couple.

The purple cartoon candy promotes ‘body positivity.’

Last year M&M’s added a new “spokescandy” to their cartoon character lineup, designed to “represent acceptance and inclusivity.”

“Designed to represent acceptance and inclusivity, our newest member is known for her earnest self-expression,” the brand said in a statement. “Keen self-awareness, authenticity and confidence are the driving forces behind Purple’s charm and quirky nature. She joins the legendary cast of M&M’S characters, who recently were given a refresh with updated looks and more nuanced personalities back in January.”

Last January, the brand gave the Green candy a makeover to be less “sexy.”

As expected, their ‘woke’ spokescandies caused a major backlash with consumers.

Rather than admitting their new, woke marketing strategy failed, M&Ms continued to gaslight customers.

“America, let’s talk. In the last year, we’ve made some changes to our beloved spokescandies. We weren’t sure if anyone would even notice. And we didn’t think it would break the internet,” M&Ms said in a tweet on Monday.

“But now we get it — even a candy’s shoes can be polarizing,” M&Ms wrote. “Which is the last thing M&M’s wanted since we’re all about bringing people together.”

“Therefore, we have decided to take an indefinite pause from the spokescandies,” M&Ms said as it introduced Maya Rudolph as the new spokeswoman.

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