Democrat State Representative In Connecticut Proposes Bill That Would Allow 12-Year-Olds To Get Vaccinated WIthout Parental Consent (Video)

The Democratic Party has shown on multiple occasions they view parents as an obstacle in their quest to enact their radical agenda. One Democratic state representative in Connecticut views parents in such disdain that he believes children should have the ability to get vaccinated without parental consent.

Rep. Kevin Ryan introduced a bill this month that would make this nightmare a reality if enacted into law. The legislation reads as follows:

An act allowing children 12 years of age and older to receive a vaccination without the consent of a parent or guardian.

Current Connecticut law requires parents to give verbal or written permission on vaccinating their children. If Ryan has his way, however, children as young as 12 could walk into a medical clinic and receive COVID shots, for example, without their parents even knowing.

Beyond the disgraceful assault on Connecticut families, this legislation might also put children at grave medical risk. The Gateway Pundit has reported on several cases of children dying suddenly, especially over the past few months.

While no hard proof exists showing the COVID vaccine is responsible for these sudden deaths, this is a trend only an irresponsible human being would ignore. Many parents certainly feel a connection exists.

WSFB spoke with a few parents regarding Ryan’s authoritarian bill and they uniformly oppose the legislation.


One parent, Nicole Malley, correctly pointed out children do not have the mental ability to make this type of decision. In fact, science shows the human brain does not fully develop until a person turns 25.

“I don’t think 12-year-olds do have that mental capacity to be making their own decision,” said Malley.

Malley went on to mention that her kids had received their childhood vaccines but that parents should have the final say, not the state government.

Republicans in the state legislature are understandably alarmed by the bill. Republican Minority Leader Rep. Vinnie Candelora sees this as an alarming assault on basic parental rights.

“It’s a road that Connecticut keeps trying to push, the Democrats keep pushing this issue and I think it’s really important to have parents involved in their child’s lives so I find the proposal very disturbing,” said Candelora.

The good news for parents in Connecticut is the bill faces a long road to enactment, providing time to organize. The Public Health Committee will next hold hearings on the legislation to decide whether to proceed further.

Former President Ronald Reagan once said that “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Thanks to the Democratic Party and their radical-left supporters, our nation is facing the extinction of liberty right now.


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