Country Music Star John Rich Celebrates Court Victory Over Concert Venue’s COVID Restrictions: ‘I Never Bent the Knee’

County music star John Rich took a victory lap on Twitter Thursday to celebrate winning a court case against a venue in a dispute that arose over COVID-19 passports.

As concert venues began to reopen during the pandemic, some required documentation that an individual had tested negative for the coronavirus to enter.

In 2021, Rich called that a “stupid rule” in a tweet about a venue that had put the requirement in place.

On Thursday, without offering details concerning the venue or the date in question, Rich posted on Twitter that in at least one case, he had stood his ground and won.

“During the lockdowns, I stated I’d NEVER play a concert venue that forced fans to show their ‘papers’ for entry concerning Covid. One venue added that rule after I agreed to play, so I cancelled it. The promoter sued me. He LOST the case today! Happy to say I never bent the knee,” he wrote.

Rich had made a strong stand during lockdowns and vaccination rules that he was opposed to both. That and his victory tweet brought some fans to his side, while others disparaged his position.

Last year, Rich chastised musicians who fired people over their personal medical choices.

“Recorded with an A list player today who was FIRED from one of the biggest artists in country music for not taking the jab. Tears flowed, but in the end she did not bow down. GOOD for her! These ‘country’ artists market to you, but they ain’t you,” he tweeted in February 2022.

Last month, Rich announced he had joined forces with nationally known conservatives Larry Elder and Ben Carson to launch a new financial institution that won’t cancel customers over their traditional American ideas.

Would you attend an event that required vaccine cards?

The “Progress” singer announced that he was co-founding the new bank they are calling “Old Glory Bank” along with retired neurosurgeon and Trump-era Housing Secretary Carson and conservative talk show host and former California gubernatorial candidate Elder.

The trio’s media release promised that the bank would “never cancel law-abiding customers for their beliefs or for exercising their lawful rights of free speech.”

“Old Glory Bank will serve lower- and middle-income Americans and those Americans that other banks have marginalized and ignored, hard-working patriots who keep this country running every day,” Carson said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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