BREAKING: Paul Pelosi’s 911 Call Prior to Attack “He’s Telling Me He’s a Friend …But I Don’t Know Him” – AUDIO

San Francisco court officials announced late Thursday that they will release the Paul Pelosi attack video on Friday morning.

On Friday morning at 9 AM Pacific Time, 12 noon Eastern, the court released footage to reporters.

Here is the 911 Call Transcript prior to the attack.

Pelosi (00:03)
Oh, I guess I guess I I told him. What is it?

911 (00:07)
This is San Francisco Police. Do you need help?

Pelosi (00:12)
Oh, was a gentleman here? Just waiting for my wife to come back. Nancy Pelosi, 223.

Pelosi (00:20)
He’s just waiting for her to come back because she’s not going to be here for a day, so I guess we have to wait.

911 (00:28)
Okay. Do you need please fire a medical for anything?

Silence (00:31)
8 seconds.

Pelosi (00:33)
I don’t think so. … Is the Capitol Police around? They’re usually here. They’re usually here at the house. Protect my wife.

911 (00:55)
No, this is San Francisco Police.

Pelosi (00:59)
No, I understand. He thinks everything is good. I’ve got a problem but he thinks it was no, this gentleman just came into the house and he wants to wait here for my wife to come home.

911 (01:32)
Do you know who the person is?

Pelosi (01:34)
No, I don’t know who he is. He’s told me not to do anything.

911 (01:42)
What is your address, sir? What is your name?

Pelosi (01:52)
My name is Paul Pelosi. Anyway, this gentleman says that he told me to put the phone down and 18 seconds.

911 (02:08)
Okay, who what’s the gentleman’s name?

Depape (02:12)
What’s that? My name is David. The name is David.

911 (02:17)
Okay. And who is David T. Five. I’m a friend of theirs.

Pelosi (02:20)
I don’t know. Yeah, he says he’s a friend, but.

911 (02:26)
But you don’t know who he is?

Pelosi (02:35)
He’s telling me I’m being very leading, so I got to stop talking to you.

911 (02:40)
You sure I can stay on the phone with you just to make sure everything’s okay?

Pelosi (02:44)
No, he wants me to get that all off the phone. Thank you.

911 (02:52)
Okay, bye.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier on the video released today.

Warning on Graphic Content.

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