BREAKING: Meeting Tonight in Mercer County, NJ to Address Election Day “Glitch” That Shut Down All of the Voting Machines on Nov 8th

Here is another story that was mostly ignored by the mainstream media.

Brian Lupo at The Gateway Pundit reported back on November 8th —  “Voting machines in Mercer, New Jersey are experiencing a “programming glitch” that is causing issues with the Dominion machine’s ability to process votes.  Voters are not being turned away, but are being asked to fill out ballots manually and place them in the slot for manual counting later.”

Mercer County, New Jersey faced a multitude of irregularities in the 2022 election.

CBS Local reported on Election Day.

A county in New Jersey is experiencing issues with its voting machines. All machines in each district in Mercer County are down due to a printing and scanning issue with the ballots.

It’s been a mixed reaction from voters and political candidates with some saying the process has been smooth, while other candidates say voters have called them with alarming concerns about the process.

Gail, who declined to give her last name, said she had to make two visits to Trenton High School to finally get her ballot submitted.

“Very frustrating because I got off work this morning,” Gail said. “And guess what? The machines were not working.”

She continued, “I submitted my ballot. It went in and said, ‘please wait.’  Then it came out invalid. We did it over again because maybe [I filled] too much out the circle. So, we tried to do it very perfect for the machine, and it still didn’t work.”

Gail chose to leave and come back later in the day to cast her ballot.

In 2020 Mercer was a +40 Biden county.  In the 2021 Governor’s race, Democrats lost 9 points over their 2020 performance in the county of 387,000 people.  The turnout in 2021 was of course significantly less.

A group of voters who spoke at a meeting on November 21, 2022 after the election, reported that the scanners were all down on Election Day.

The scanners on ALL of the voting machines in Mercer County failed on Election Day 2022.

This caused chaos when people started voting at 6 am.

Many voters were disenfranchised and were forced to vote provisionally or told to come back later.

The machines NEVER came back up on Election Day.

Many locations ran out of provisional ballots and voters were turned away.

It took weeks to received election results.

Races that were initially called one way by the media were flipped the other way.

Concerned citizens will once again address the issues at the Mercer Board of County Commissioner Meeting tonight on Thursday, January 12th at 6 pm.  The meeting is being held at the Mercer County Administration Building where public comments will be heard.

At the November 17th meeting,  over 100 citizens share concerns about a lack of election integrity. Lisa Richford, the Mercer County Republican Chairwoman, shared:

I am the Mercer County Republican Chairwoman, and I’ve been a challenger for 31 years. I’ve been Chair for ten years. So with that, I’m not an election theory conspirator or an election denier. I’m here not as a republican or a democrat. I’m here as a voter and what’s occurred at this election this time.

This should be — and the single biggest issue right now is corrupt elections. And we don’t talk about it. But they are corrupt here in Mercer County.

Mercer County made World News Tonight. Voluminous news sources, articles, radio coverage. I mean, we were the only place where every single machine went down. I had fielded hundreds of calls. I’m going to try to speak quicker because I know I’ve been — the sheriffs were called on me before when I was here. On July 1st of 2021, we were asked to come to an emergency — well, we weren’t asked. We were surprised by an emergency meeting that was here to approve $3.5 million. 2.5 million — or you were asked, 2.5 million for Dominion and 1 million for Tenex. Is Tenex here? They received a million dollars.

And those were supposed to be questions about the process and procedures that never occurred that evening, process and procedures and safeguards, protocols, best practices, none of that. It was pushed through. We were shamed here. The republican party, democrats, members of the voting community, we tried to ask questions. We were not entertained to any questions. We weren’t allowed to ask any questions. We were given the three minutes.

This is an unprecedented travesty this election. And this was a part where there was definitely election disenfranchisement, suppression of the voters, people  left. And as far as being asked, there was no republican representation and the superintendent of elections office. I have to say with County Executive Hughes, there is a system. It’s a tri-party system here, and most people don’t understand it. And there is a Chair for the dem’s and the republicans.

I have been trying for five years. The first three trying to replace a holdover, a holdover Superintendent of Elections, who when they’re so entrenched and in the pockets of the parties that compromised employees, which I brought to the attention. Mr. Giles, before he became an employee of Dominion, worked for the Director of the State of New Jersey. And I’ve also brought these things to the attention of also the DAG George Cohen.

When I brought election interference issues in they’ve been dismissed. This is why there is no election interference — I know. I’m coming close. My time is for three minutes.

There’s so much more to talk to about here. But I’ll tell you right now, there is no republican representation for this election. It has

been met with senatorial courtesy blockage, and we have nobody in there with eyes –But there’s no republicans there pursuant to the statute. They’re required. That didn’t happen, and there hasn’t been anybody there for a year. And I think the public should need to know that.

You can read the full transcript of that meeting below.

November 21, 2022 Mercer NJ… by Jim Hoft




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