EXCLUSIVE to Gateway Pundit: Brazilian Journalist Who Exposed Child Abuse in Schools Targeted by Communist Lula Regime Describes His Persecution: “Over 800 Arrest Warrants Filed by Chief Justice Moraes”

Wellington Macedo was arrested for “Fake News” 2021 after protesting on Brazil’s Independence Day

The Communist crackdown in Brazil continues: Journalist Wellington Macedo has fled the capital Brasilia for an undisclosed location, as he writes exclusively for The Gateway Pundit:

I am investigative journalist, Wellington Macedo, 47 years old. I’m a conservative evangelical Christian. I have three children, I was studying the seventh semester of law school.

My professional life was normal, until the moment when I started to denounce left-wing public servants involved in the rape of children, pedophilia and sexual abuse of male and female children and adolescents within our school system, as well as the manipulation of public data and corruption.

In 2018, they tried to corrupt me with money and job offers, but I didn’t accept it.

Also in September 2018, the governor of Ceará, the communist Camilo Santana, his deputy governor Izilda Cela and senator Cid Gomes, along with more than 60 teachers from municipal schools, filed 70 lawsuits demanding I withdraw my documentary “Educação do Mal” from the Internet, in addition to financial compensation. They lost every lawsuit.

After I rejected being corrupted and won all the lawsuits, I started to receive death threats, and that’s when I decided to leave my home and move to Brasília in January 2019.

I was invited to work with children at the Ministry of Human Rights, where I stayed from February to October 2019. Upon leaving the government, I went back to work as an independent journalist, covering the demonstrations for news agencies where I am a correspondent, and publishing on my social networks.

From April 2021, my social networks grew explosively in two weeks, and it was from then on that I became the target of Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes of the Supreme Court of Brazil.

In March 2021, in the middle of the pandemic, I coordinated the Christian movement called Marcha da Família Cristã pela Liberdade (Christian Family Freedom March), against the left’s plan to lock down churches.

On August 13, 2021, I published an interview with popular singer Sérgio Reis, who called on Brazilians to take to the streets in protest against parliamentarians and members of the Supreme Court, who together promoted anti-democratic and unconstitutional acts.

It was from then on that I was targeted with a fake investigation (Case 4879), created to justify illegal arrests. I was arrested on September 3, 2021, thrown into solitary confinement for 41 days in a maximum security prison. The Chief Justice accused me of promoting violence and anti-democratic acts. There were families carrying a bible and the flag of Brazil, demonstrating against the unconstitutional acts of the judiciary.

I had never been arrested or driven in a police car. In jail I did 40 days of fasting and prayer, and I was released after 41 days. I lost 18 kilos, and I was released with an ankle bracelet in the early hours of October 15th.

I was never convicted or even charged with a crime, but I have been persecuted for over 1 year and 3 months. That’s why I decided to call it quits, cut my ankle bracelet off and leave Brazil.

I am not the only Brazilian journalist being persecuted. In addition to Allan dos Santos, already a refugee in the US, there is Oswaldo Eustáquio, who was abused in prison, leaving him partly paralyzed, in addition to dozens of other citizens who have been illegally arrested.

According to my information, there are more than 800 search and seizure warrants and more arrests to be carried out by order of Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes.

Investigations are kept confidential and not even our lawyers have access to the files. They are not obeying due process of law, as mandated by the Brazilian Constitution.

People under this process cannot defend themselves because their lawyers are not allowed to review their case files, an illegal act which violates international laws of jurisprudence.

On this Christmas Day, I decided to put an end to all this, cut off my anklet, hung it on a guava tree and left Brasilía, as I heard from reliable sources that I would be thrown into prison again.

All this persecution only started after I started investigating government agents of the left, which angered the powers that be.

Wellington Macedo, Investigative Journalist




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