Brazil Protestor Commits Suicide in “Lulag” Concentration Camp, Death Toll Allegedly Reaches 4, Children Held in Prison

A prisoner allegedly committed suicide at the National Police Gym prisoner’s camp

Hundreds of pro-democracy protestors are still being held without charges or legal assistance in the “Lulag” gym in Brasilia, while 736 have been taken to Federal Prison. According to unconfirmed reports, 4 people have died. One man appears to have attempted or committed suicide. Prisoners are being forced to sign confessions for “terrorism” and “criminal conspiracy.” Children have been taken away from their parents by the regime.

One of the allegedly deceased was identified as “Hilda, 81” by Rio Times.

Another victim was identified as Nilma Marson.

A third unconfirmed victim was identified as Leonira.

Videos show some of the prisoners suffering from medical emergencies.

Videos on GETTR allegedly showed a young man who had attempted to commit suicide by slitting his wrists receiving medical attention. It was not clear whether the man had survived. WARNING: GRAPHIC!

Prisoners are allegedly being forced to sign a confession to “terrorism”, “insurrection” and “criminal  conspiracy” without consulting a lawyer. Here is one an 84 year old woman signed:

736 people have been taken to Federal Prison in Brasilia, according to the Brazil Rights Advocates (Advogados de Direita Brasil), who posted a list of names. 489 prisoners were taken to Men’s Prison and 265 to Women’s Prison.

Children are being held in prison.

Senator Marcos do Val was able to visit the detainees today. Representatives Bia Kicis, Evair de Melo, Domingos Sávio and Marcelo Álvaro Antônio were denied entry, according to Antagonista.

“We stayed here for three hours and had no access”, Bia Kicis told O Globo, saying they would “form an external commission to monitor the investigations”. Former Bolsonaro minister Jair Marcelo Álvaro said it is important to separate “the wheat from the chaff” and “not arrest innocent people”.

The lawyers Samuel Magalhaes, Hellen Costa, and André Alves, told Revista Oeste that the detention is illegal, Rio Times reports: “”These people are not being detained but arrested. If they have been here since yesterday, where is the custody hearing? There isn’t one.”

According to Magalhães, the children have been taken away from their parents by the regime and removed from the gym.

“Yesterday, I attended to a gentleman with heart problems, who was with an autistic son,” said Magalhães. “They were both in the gym without any medication. There was also a lady who was going to another city, and at the moment the bus with the protesters stopped, she asked if the vehicle was going to her destination. They said yes. She came to the PF Academy and stayed here until 2 am.”

The Brazilan Lawyers association (UNAB – União dos Advogados do Brasil) complained of “imprisonment with torture, hunger, lack of bathroom and water.” UNAB said its was “unbelievable what you see there. Pray for these people, and for our UNAB lawyers who are there together with the OACB lawyers. Information does not arrive correctly and access to people is difficult.” Accoording to UNAB, a colleague has “already filed a complaint with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.”

Former VP General Hamilton Mourão criticized the government’s action as “amateurish, inhumane and illegal” and consistent with the “Marxist-Leninist roots” of the new Lula government. He criticized “the indiscriminate detention of more than 1,200 people, who are today confined in precarious conditions in the facilities of the Federal Police in Brasilia.”

Protestors are calling for a nationwide general strike and a “national mega demonstration” starting at 6 pm local time today in all major cities of the country. Protestors called to shut down refineries and fuel distribution centers.

Brazilian federal government bodies are mobilizing to reinforce the security of public buildings in Brasília, Rio Times reports.

Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes ordered the arrest of Anderson Torres, Bolsonaro’s former Minister of Justice, and Fábio Augusto Vieira, Military Police chief of the Brasilia Federal District, accusing them of dereliction of duty in conjunction to the invasion of the National Congress building on January 8, Brazil in English wrote. Torres is in Florida and has said he will return to Brazil to fight for justice.

Moraes has banned protests that disrupt traffic and ordered fines for companies believed to be financing the logistics of the pro-democracy protests. Authorities have sought to freeze Jair Bolsonaro’s assets as well.

Deputy Rejane de Almeida (Communist Party of Brazil) called to “take up arms” to fight the “fascists”.

A video from the “Storming of the National Congress” Jan. 8 seemed to show security forces waving the protestors into the building, in a scene reminiscent of J-6 in the USA:

Surveillance videos seemed to show the Military Police inviting protestors onto the grounds, and black-clad, Antifa-style infiltrators in the National Congress before the protestors arrived:


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