Bolsonaro Condemns Vandalism, 5 Shot and 1200 Arrested as Protesters Disarm Provocateurs and Hand Them Over to Police

Protestors inside the National Congress in Brasilia Jan. 8

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro issued a statement from Orlando, Florida condemning violence while US Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez called for Bolsonaro to be deported from the USA.

UPDATE: Reportedly, the Military has allegedly let the Federal Police in to the Brasilia Army HQ compound to arrest 1200 protestors encamped there.

“Peaceful, law-abiding demonstrations, are part of democracy. However, vandalism and invasions of public buildings, such as occurred today, as well as those practiced by the left in 2013 and 2017, are not legal. Throughout my term in office, I have always respected the bounds of the Constitution, respecting and defending the law, democracy, transparency and our sacred freedom. I repudiate the accusations, with no evidence, attributed to me by the current head of the executive of Brazil”, Bolsonaro said.

Former President Jair Bolsonaro is staying at the home of Brazilian UFC fighter José Aldo in Kissimmee, Florida with his family, where he was cheered by fans on the streets of Orlando today.

The largest pro-democracy protests in world history have remained amazingly peaceful for two months. Violence erupted on Dec. 12 after the arrest of Indigenous Chief Pastor Serere, but videos showed antifa-style provocateurs among the rioters (Gateway reported).

Will Lisil reported that left-wing provocateurs were also being arrested Jan. 8.

Video showed the National Guard apprehending a left-wing provocateur with Molotov cocktails, ostensibly intending to stage violence for a TV crew:

Protestors were filmed disarming provocateurs and handing them over to police:

Corrupt Communist convict Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has charged Bolsonaro with “undemocratic acts”. Lula da Silva is a convicted criminal who should not be allowed to serve as President if not for the state capture practiced by the corrupt Supreme Court, which has its own police force, the Federal Police.

Lula da Silva claimed that “no leftist movement has ever invaded the National Congress, the Supreme Court and the Presidential Palace.” In 2014, protesters of the Landless Workers Movement MST overthrew barricades in front of the Presidential Palace and tried to invade the Supreme Court.

“I hope that the people of Brazil are able to resolve matters peacefully,” Elon Musk posted, sharing a photo exposing the ridiculous claim that Lula won.

While millions of Brazilians thronged the streets of Brazil for two months protesting the suspicious elections of Oct. 30, Jair Bolsonaro never called for a coup, military intervention or called the elections fraudulent. He did not speak to his desperate supporters for 40 days, emerging from the Presidential Palace only once to lead the massive crowd in prayer (Gateway reported).

President Jair Bolsonaro is staying at the home of Brazilian UFC fighter José Aldo in Kissimmee, Florida with his family.

Nevertheless, ignorant leftists were quick to fault Bolsonaro with the Jan. 8 storming of the National Congress. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez claimed the pro-democracy protestors were “fascists”, saying that “we must stand in solidarity with  Lula’s democratically elected government.  The US must cease granting refuge to Bolsonaro in Florida.”

She did not address why the Electoral Court refused the Army audit requests to release the electoral software source code, or why the inauditable, older voting machines skewed wildly pro-Lula.

“Bolsonaro should not be in Florida,” Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro told CNN.  “The United States should not be a refuge for this authoritarian who has inspired domestic terrorism in Brazil. He should be sent back to Brazil” where Bolsonaro would probably be arrested.

Ibaneis Rocha, Brasilia’s governor, said that more than 400 people have been arrested.

‘[M]ore than 400 people have already been arrested and will pay for the crimes committed,” he said on Twitter. “We continue working to identify all the others who participated in these terrorist acts this afternoon in the Federal District. We continue to work to restore order.”

5 people were reported shot with live bullets.

Nevertheless, the pro-Lula Supreme Court removed governor of Brasilia Ibaneis Rocha from office for 90 days due to “flaws in security in the capital”.

15 Senators have signed a motion for a Senate inquiry into “undemocratic acts” committed by supporters of former President Bolsonaro. 27 signatures are needed to install a panel.

The new Attorney General Jorge Rodrigo Araújo Messias filed an arrest warrant with the Supreme Court for Bolsonaro’s parting Secretary of Security of the Brasilia Federal District, Anderson Torres, for “involvement in undemocratic acts”. Anderson Torres told Folha that “there was no plot for this (the unrest) to occur.” Torres is on vacation in Florida, but denied he was there to meet with Jair Bolsonaro.”

Torres called the unrest “collective insanity” which he “vehemently repudiates”, calling the acts “totally incompatible with all my beliefs of what is important for the strengthening of Brazil’s policy.”

Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes ordered a clampdown on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and TikTok to block free speech in Brazil.

Police cleared the buildings of protestors, who retreated to the protest camp on the grounds of military HQ, where they have been camped out for two months.

When Police moved to clear the protest camp, the Army prevented them from entering the military grounds.

“According to information from the Federal District Military Police, the Army argued that this area is the responsibility of the Military and that it is still awaiting guidance from the Ministry of Justice. Thus, it would not be up to the military police, but for the Army itself to carry out the operation to withdraw the protesters. According to information from the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Defense is negotiating with the Army the best way to vacate the place”, Antagonista reports.

The Army has now let the Stasi Federal Police on to the grounds to arrest 1200 patriots.

5-hour Spaces discussion hosted by Mario Nawfal and Ian Miles Cheong with guests including Allan Dos Santos, Will Lisil, Darren Beattie, Tom Fitton and Matthew Tyrmand:

Taxpayer-funded NGOs like Atlantic Council, USAID and the National Endowment for Democracy worked to undermine Jair Bolsonaro’s presidency and enable censorship in Brazil, Mike Benz writes on Foundation for Freedom:



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