BIDEN’S AMERICA: Shocking Triple Murder In Philadelphia Caught Live On Camera (DISTURBING VIDEO)

The Democratic Party’s pro-crime policies continue to bear rotten fruit for law-abiding Americans. A truly horrifying triple homicide in Philadelphia Monday night, however, provides the ultimate condemnation of not just their radical agenda but also the people who support them.

While murders in Philadelphia happen as often as Biden embarrassing himself, what a vigilant citizen posted on Twitter will horrify any decent person. He actually caught the triple murder on tape.

VIDEO (you can hear the gunshots at the 0:16 mark):

Here are the gruesome details courtesy of CBS Philadelphia:

“A quadruple shooting that left three men dead Monday night in Mayfair was caught on surveillance video. The Philadelphia Police Department believes the victims were targeted, but investigators stopped short of saying why.”

“The shooting happened around 10 p.m. Monday on Guilford Street near the Roosevelt Mall.”

“A security camera captured cars passing by as four men walked across the street when a shooter fires a blast of gunfire at them.”

“Three victims dropped to the ground as a fourth person ran for their life.”

“It was bang, bang, bang, bang, bang,” John Sullivan, of Mayfair, said. “I heard what I thought was either fireworks or one big long shot of bullets.”

“Police say 50 shots were fired.”

“Security video also showed what appears to be the gunman’s vehicle leaving the scene and driving over at least two victims’ bodies. Another victim who ran inside a home was later pronounced dead.”

“The three men who were killed were 18, 19 and 24 years old. The fourth victim remains in critical condition.”

“At this time, the victims’ identities have not been released.”

“No arrests have been made.”

Crimes like this are squarely the result of Marxist District Attorney Larry Krasner’s pro-criminal agenda. TGP’s Cristina Laila previously covered how Philly’s crime rate has skyrocketed since 2020 thanks to Krasner’s efforts to free violent criminals and prosecute police doing their jobs.

But Krasner could not accomplish his radical policies without the support of Philly voters.  Krasner has been elected twice by the voters despite his well-known views, which count as an endorsement.

Let’s hope Krasner’s supporters do not abandon their city and take their noxious voting habits with them. We have enough cities and states already in ruins.


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