Biden Lawyer Releases Timeline of Stolen Classified Documents Discoveries–And It Doesn’t Look Good

Joe Biden’s private attorney Robert Bauer, former Obama White House Counsel and former Perkins Coie top lawyer, released Saturday morning a timeline of the four incidences of discoveries of classified documents in the private office and home of Biden over the past three months. The timeline offers the clearest admission that Biden, the Department of Justice and the National Archives kept these discoveries of grave breaches of national security from the American people until it was leaked to CBS News last Monday. Media reports state that some of the documents were marked Top Secret/SCI.

Now-President Joe Biden is seen backing his Corvette into a garage in a 2020 campaign ad.
Now-President Joe Biden is seen backing his Corvette into the garage/storage room at his Wilmington, Delaware home in a 2020 campaign ad. (@JoeBiden / Twitter screen shot)

Bauer’s timeline runs from the initial reported discovery on November 2, 2022 at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C. to the latest–but probably not the last–discovery Thursday night at Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware. Bauer admits that the searches have been performed by lawyers who do not hold security clearances. There are no reports or admissions that the FBI has done any searches.


Bauer’s statement does not say why the initial search at the Penn Biden took place or why the personal attorneys returned to D.C. Wednesday night after searching Biden’s Wilmington and Rehoboth but waited until Thursday morning to tell the DOJ another classified document had been found. Nor does it state when Biden was informed of the discoveries. In fact there is no mention by Bauer of any interaction with Biden or his White House Special Counsel Richard Sauber.

Sauber issued a statement Saturday morning filling in some of the holes in Bauer’s tick-tock of the latest discovery on Thursday that was billed by the White House as a “clarifying” statement, “Statement from White House Counsel’s Office clarifying a prior statement, releasing additional information about the process, and stressing ongoing direct cooperation with DOJ and the Special Counsel”

Source, Biden White House scandal spox Ian Sams:

Why did the FBI not search Biden’s Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware homes on Friday after the latest discoveries on Wednesday and Thursday? Why was Biden allowed to return to the scene of the crime at his Wilmington home this weekend?

Biden is spending the holiday weekend at his Wilmington home where he has nothing on his schedule for Saturday (except searching for more classified documents?)

Biden, who was first elected to the Senate in 1972 and had a front row seat to the Watergate scandal that took down Richard Nixon and the later Clinton impeachment scandal in the 1990s, has inexplicably chosen the Nixon White House model of scandal management: the “modified limited hangout” of releasing damaging information in drips and drabs, rather then that advocated by former Clinton scandal lawyer Lanny Davis: “Tell it all, tell it early, tell it yourself.”

Sauber has already admitted Biden is guilty of mishandling the classified document in a statement released Thursday, saying they were “inadvertently misplaced.”

The latest classified documents were found Thursday night by White House lawyer Sauber yet White House Press Secretary Karine Kean-Pierre was sent out Thursday and Friday to mislead the press and public about the searches.

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