Armed Black Lives Matter Protesters In Virginia Hold Rally To Demand Reparations (VIDEO)

The issue of reparations for slavery has seemingly become the new passion for elements of the radical left. The most recent example of this passion happened on Monday in Richmond, Virginia when armed Black Lives Matter agitators marched on the State Capitol to demand free money for a sin that was abolished in America over 150 years ago.

The Gateway Pundit has previously reported on the far-left’s nationwide push to give reparations to black Americans. The most recent case involved the San Francisco “Reparations Committee” proposing to give every black resident $5 million each and grant them total debt forgiveness.

Now BLM senses an opportunity to push this communist, unconstitutional scheme in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Here are the full details from the Post Millennial:

Multiple BLM-affiliated groups held an armed rally in Richmond, Virginia demanding reparations for descendants of former slaves.

Video showed BLM757, BLMRVA, and the Fred Hampton Gun Club participating in the rally on Monday, armed with rifles in the gun-free zone of the State Capitol.
Police did not enforce the gun-free zone. However, the group complied when police told the armed activists to move back toward a sidewalk because they did not have a protest permit.

According to independent journalist and documentarian Ford Fischer, the group was advocating for reparations as well as the passage of HR40, a congressional bill to study the subject.

Monday was an annual day of advocacy and the demonstration was alongside gun control and gun-rights advocates in the Virginia Capitol. Each year, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, citizens meet with their legislators during what’s informally known as lobby day.


One interesting truism beyond the fundamental unfairness of reparations is just how poorly considered the scheme is. Not all black individuals descended from slaves. In fact, Kamala Harris’s father claims he was a descendent of a slave owner.

But the push for reparations has never been about fairness or getting justice for the descendants of slaves. The sole purpose is provoking racial hatred and division in America for political gain.


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