Antifa Militant Killed After Allegedly Shooting And Wounding State Policeman Just Outside The Police Training Facility Near Atlanta (VIDEO)

A far-left protestor from Stop Cop City ATL, a communist group and possibly Antifa, was killed Wednesday after shooting and wounding a Georgia State Patrol trooper according to the Georgia Department of Public Safety. The incident occurred just outside the “Cop City” police training center near Atlanta.

This is not the first time Antifa militants have caused serious trouble for the police in the Atlanta area. The Gateway Pundit reported back in December that Atlanta police arrested five Antifa members on terrorism charges after the police found bombs, flares, gasoline, and weapons near the training facility.

Here are the details from Fox 5 Atlanta:

A Georgia State Patrol trooper was shot and a protestor was killed during a confrontation near the site of the controversial “Cop City” Atlanta Police Department training facility on Wednesday, the Georgia Department of Public Safety confirmed.

At some point, Wright says that a protestor fired a shot, hitting the officer. Officers returned fire, killing the suspect. Georgia Bureau of Investigation Director Michael Register said a protestor opened fire first. It happened while law enforcement were clearing on area in the woods.

“An individual, without warning, shot a Georgia State Patrol trooper,” Register said. “Other law enforcement personnel returned fire in self-defense and evacuated the trooper to a safe area. The individual who fired upon law enforcement and shot the trooper was killed in the exchange of gunfire.”

Wright said the injured trooper is out of surgery and in stable condition in ICU. He was shot in the “pelvic-area” and he was wearing a bullet-proof vest.
Officials have not released the identity of the trooper or the person killed in the incident.

Multiple law enforcement agencies have responded in DeKalb County where the investigation is happening.

In an email to FOX 5 Atlanta, the organization Stop Cop City ATL said, “it is not clear” if the Georgia State Patrol trooper was injured by “police fire, a protestor, or a police induced action.”

Police have repeatedly raided the protest encampments in Weelaunee Forest, harassed and detained neighbors walking through the park, and attacked protestors with tear gas and rubber bullets,” the statement said, in part. “During past raids, police have consistently escalated violent tactics on protestors (sic) who were sitting in trees or standing in a public park. On multiple occasions, they have cut tree limbs and rope out from under tree sitters in a fashion likely to cause serious injury or death. Today’s raid began with numerous armed police shutting down a public road and pointing guns into the park.”

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp responded to news of the state trooper’s injury. He’s taken a hard stance against Cop City protestors.

“As our thoughts remain with him and his family, our resolve also remains steadfast and strong to see criminals brought to justice,” Kemp said.”


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