Angry Man Drives Dump Truck Into Wife’s Home and Several Cars in LA (VIDEO)

An enraged man was caught on video crashing a dump truck into his wife’s home and several cars in Los Angeles, California.

The man behind the wheel was Ronald Dunn and he reportedly crashed into his wife’s home because he was going through a nasty divorce.

Ronald Dunn’s wife Patricia Dunn told ABC 7 News that she fears for her life.

She would go on to tell the news outlet “A man under that kind of rage – who’s to say what he might do?” He was trying to kill me. He really was.”

Watch the husband’s fit of rage here:

The area of the house Ronald Dunn hit was his wife’s bedroom but luckily his wife was not in the bedroom at the time of the crash.

Patricia Dunn would tell reporters that her estranged husband first crashed into the home with his Chevey Impala and would later come back and cause destruction with a dump truck.

After the initial crash, police were called but it took the Los Angeles police department 30 minutes to arrive to the scene.

The reason for the delay was due to the incident being reported as a collision rather than a crime.


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