Actor Richard Dreyfuss Tells Glenn Beck America Will Die If We Don’t Revive The Study Of Civics (VIDEO)

Actor Richard Dreyfuss recently did an interview with Glenn Beck and said that America is doomed if we do not bring back the study of civics.

This is an excellent point, and especially timely as schools are pushing more and more ‘woke’ nonsense instead of the things that are truly important.

Dreyfuss told Beck that he gave up acting to pursue this issue.

The Daily Wire has details:

Richard Dreyfuss Gave Up Acting Because America Needed Saving: ‘People Don’t Understand What This Place Means’

Oscar-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss said he gave up his “blessed life” because his country needed saving, telling radio personality Glenn Beck that he was infuriated by the number of Americans who “don’t understand what this place means.”

Dreyfuss joined Beck in an interview to discuss his book — “One Thought Scares Me… We Teach Our Children What We Wish Them to Know; We Don’t Teach Our Children What We Don’t Wish Them to Know” — and the state of his country, which he believed was dire.

“I gave up something I loved, and had loved since I was nine years old,” the “Mr. Holland’s Opus” star began. “Only for something else I loved as much, which was saving my country.”

“And I firmly believe that if we don’t revive the study of civics, we will be dead before 2050,” Dreyfuss continued. “We’ll have the same name —”

“Long before,” Beck agreed.

“— and it will be a nightmare,” Dreyfuss concluded.

Watch the video below:

He is not wrong.

Our entire system of education is in desperate need of an overhaul.

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