2022 Election: Colorado Secretary of State Sent 31,000 Registration Cards to Foreigners

In September of 2022, the State of Colorado sent postcard mailers to 31,000 foreigners asking them to register to vote.

ERIC played a role in this problem because they can access licensed Colorado drivers. Their process obtains DMV information to determine which people are EBU (Eligible But Unregistered). Under their ERIC agreement, Colorado is forced to contact these people and solicit them to register. Jena Griswold, an activist Democrat, is the Secretary of State for Colorado. She knows foreigners are breaking the law if they register to vote.

Upon hearing this news last October, The Public Interest Legal Foundation conducted an investigation to find out who was responsible. PILF released their report Thursday which provides more evidence States should cancel their ERIC agreements. After the Colorado SOS office admitted foreign nationals were encouraged to register, they told the county election officials this was just a “data analytic error.” The SOS office resists transparency and will not provide any details on about this “error”.

In the past, the SOS office has described their procedures that prevent mail from being sent to ineligible recipients. But in 2022, those procedures were either no longer in place, or completely failed. They will only explain this list of 31,000 foreigners was created by comparing CO statewide voter roll with the master list of licensed Colorado drivers. This is the role ERIC plays. As previously reported, ERIC prevents States from knowing who is a foreigner. Their rules say “Under no circumstances shall the members transmit any record indicating an individual is a non-citizen of the U.S.” as listed in Exhibit A, 2b.

County officials were bombarded with requests from the media and concerned citizens. They needed guidance and answers. Communications obtained by PILF portray a CO Secretary of State office that was focused on damage control instead of answering questions and helping county election officials. In fact, the SOS office refused to supply the County election officials with the names of foreigners in their counties who received the registration invites. This was likely an attempt to help these foreigners obtain citizenship and full voting rights.

Moffat County asked to see the information on the 54 foreigners in their county that were mailed voter registration cards. The Deputy SOS Christopher Beall refused. He cited “potential legal issues”. But PILF found no communication indicating this was a concern in the SOS office. His LinkedIn page says he worked as attorney for Obama for America, the CO Democrat Party, and the ACLU. Beall proclaims he is “formerly a journalist, then a trial lawyer, still a law professor, and now a leader of Colorado’s preeminent elections operations.”

It’s another example how the left places activists inside election departments to help control outcomes.

PILF says: “When the Secretary of State of Colorado did not disclose to county election officials the names of the foreigners offered voter registration, she (Jena Griswold) hid the ability of the public and law enforcement from ascertaining whether these foreigners did register to vote.” When a foreigner seeks to naturalize, they would be forced to admit to federal officials they illegally registered to vote. This would jeopardize their application for naturalization. Because Griswold prevented anyone from knowing who illegally registered, these foreigners can lie on applications with little chance of getting caught.

Back then Griswold said about 750,000 people were sent the postcard and she expected 75,000 would register. The DOJ’s “90 Day Freeze” prevents a jurisdiction from conducting voter roll maintenance activities (clean up) within 90 days of an election. Corrupt election officials purposely flood the rolls during this 90 day window because these registrations can’t be removed in bulk. There’s also little time for voter integrity groups to clean these rolls. Any individual contested registrations are typically denied during these 90 days unless the person is dead, or a mistake was made.

PILF is currently in litigation with Secretary of State Griswold. In December 2021, PILF sued to see the records showing how ERIC alerted the SOS office to deceased voter registrants. This lunacy of soliciting of foreigners and the role ERIC plays is another reason States should cancel their ERIC agreements. They would be best working with Omega4America and their advanced fractal technology that can prevent dirty voter rolls.

Why has Ronna and RNC never substantially funded PILF so they could greatly expand?

Why has the RNC never replicated PILF efforts on the grand scale we need?

Why the RNC has not embraced Omega4America and their technology or pulled these type groups together to create one cohesive force against voter fraud?

These questions deserve an answer.



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