Yair Netanyahu: “Witch Hunt Prosecutors are Committing Treason – And We Know what the Punishment is for Treason”

Yair Netanyahu is a proud patriot who calls a traitor a traitor

Just like the witch hunt against Donald Trump, the Left has been trying to put the prospective next Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in prison for five years, over trumped-up charges, including talking to media bosses, presents of champagne, and undeclared bottle deposits. Netanyahu’s son Yair says the prosecutors should be charged with treason.

“The crimes that these senior prosecutors – and people in the police department – committed are each worth five years in prison, at a minimum. So that’s already about 10,000 total years in prison for all the crimes these people committed,” Yair Netanyahu told Galei Yisrael.

“Then there’s also the fact that there was a vicious attempt to overthrow the government here. They knew they were framing an innocent man, who just so happened to be the Prime Minister, who was elected by the Israeli people,” accoring to Yair Netanyahu.

“That is tantamount to nullifying the democratic process of the Israeli nation, which is what we call a coup d’état, which is treason. Everyone is welcome to look up the law to see what the punishment is for treason. I’ll give you a hint – it isn’t a jail sentence.”

Since 2017, leftist prosecutors have been trying to get the then-Prime Minister locked up on bogus charges of corruption. The campaign against Netanyahu is itself corrupted, led by Soros-funded NGOs like the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Standing Together, HaMoked – Center for the Defense of the Individual and Human Rights Defenders Fund, which are funded by Open Society and the New Israel Fund. New Israel Fund concealed the fact it was financed by Open Society until it was revealed by Wikileaks 2011.

These far-left groups are secretly funded from the USA to destroy the Jewish state. 2021 they organized violent protests outside the Prime Minister’s family home in Balfour Street in Jerusalem and tried to storm the Netanyahu’s home. “I was present on the eve of the break-in in Balfour, my parents took me to a shelter, the security guards that were with us pulled out weapons because they were afraid they would lynch us, We were told they were left-wing protesters,” Yair Netanyahu said in court April 25, 2022.

Just like the violent left-wing attack on the White House on May 31, 2020, when President Donald Trump had to be taken to the White House bunker and 50 secret service agents were injured, you will not find any news coverage about the attack on the Netanyahus’ home anywhere – because the media support these “insurrections”. They support the Treason.

The Deep State also spied on Benjamin Netanyahu when he was Prime Minister, as his son said:

Carrying on Donald Trump’s successful Abraham Accords peace deals, Benjamin Netanyahu is said to be negotiating a peace deal with Saudi Arabia in return for not annexing the Jewish areas of Judea and Samaria. We hope he invites Donald Trump to the signing!


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