WINNING: Federal Court Blocks Biden’s Transgender Surgery Mandate

The Biden administration’s radical agenda is being blocked in the courts.

A federal appeals court blocked the Biden administration’s transgender mandate – it would force religious doctors and hospitals to perform gender-transition procedures.

The plaintiffs in the case were the state of North Dakota, the Catholic Charities of North Dakota, four groups in the Religious Sisters of Mercy, the Catholic Benefits Association, the Catholic Medical Association, and the Diocese of Fargo.


A federal appeals court today permanently blocked the Biden Administration’s attempt to force religious doctors and hospitals to perform gender-transition procedures, concluding that the Administration’s plan would violate a key federal law protecting religious freedom. This is the second appeals court ruling blocking the Administration’s controversial transgender mandate.

“The federal government has no business forcing doctors to violate their consciences or perform controversial procedures that could permanently harm their patients,” said Luke Goodrich, VP and senior counsel at Becket. “This is a common-sense ruling that protects patients, aligns with best medical practice, and ensures doctors can follow their Hippocratic Oath to ‘do no harm.’”

In Sisters of Mercy v. Becerra, a coalition of Catholic hospitals, a Catholic university, and Catholic nuns who run health clinics for the poor challenged the Biden Administration’s attempt to invoke the Affordable Care Act to force doctors and hospitals to perform controversial gender-reassignment procedures—on pain of multimillion-dollar financial penalties—even when doing so would violate the doctor’s conscience and could harm the patient. A federal district court held that this transgender mandate was unlawful and blocked it from taking effect. The Biden Administration then appealed to the Eight Circuit, which today concluded that the “district court correctly held that ‘intrusion upon the Catholic Plaintiffs’ exercise of religion’” supported permanent protection.

“Today’s victory sets an important precedent that religious healthcare professionals are free to practice medicine in accordance with their consciences and experienced professional judgment,” said Goodrich. “The government’s attempt to force doctors to go against their consciences was bad for patients, bad for doctors, and bad for religious liberty.”

A second case is on the docket in the 8th circuit court of appeals.

The Catholic Courier reported:

The case the 8th Circuit is due to rule on is called Sisters of Mercy v. Becerra.

The lawsuit was first filed in federal court in November 2016 by Becket on behalf of the Sisters of Mercy, the University of Mary and SMP Health System. The state of North Dakota also joined the suit.

On Jan. 21, 2021, a court struck down the Obama-era HHS mandate, and the Biden administration appealed to the 8th Circuit, which heard oral arguments in the case Dec. 15, 2021.

A huge win against tyranny and for religious freedom!

H/T Don Surber

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