White Brooklyn Parole Officer Sues for Racial Discrimination in Federal Court, Called “Snowcone” By Colleagues, Told She Could Not Safely Do Job Because She is White

Former Parole Officer Samantha Rhys has filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court this week alleging two of her supervisors did nothing to protect her when parolees began threatening violence against her because of her race.

Rhys, who is white,  was also allegedly referred to as “snowcone” by her black colleagues and told she could not safely do her job because of her race.

The New York Post reports:

A white Brooklyn parole officer claims that she was racially discriminated against by colleagues who called her a “snowcone” and superiors who made it “impossible” for her to do her job.

Samantha Rys, 51, filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court this week against her two supervisors, Sabrina Davis and Tanya Johnson, both of whom are black, alleging that they did nothing to protect her when one of her parolees began threatening to rape, kill and dismember her last year.

Rys said that coworkers met her with disbelief and discrimination immediately after beginning her job as a parole officer in May 2021. One once told her that she needed a spray tan and hat because white people assigned to the Red Hook area of Brooklyn only “came to arrest people or take their child,” according to court papers

Colleagues also told her she would not be able to safely do her job because of her race, according to the documents.

However, Rys claims it was her supervisors who created a dangerous work environment by standing idly by while one of her parolees, a man convicted of attempted murder, began threatening her.

According to The Post, the parolee began telling Rys that he would kill her and her family in June 2021.

Rys, had already initiated a transfer because of her discomfort for how she was being treated by coworkers because of her race,  was ignored.

The Post further reports:

Rys ultimately decided to resign due to anxiety her bosses’ refusal to transfer either her or her parolee, which is what happened in the past when any of her non-white coworkers received threats, the lawsuit claims.

“When it came to this feeling that you’re in danger and nobody here gives a rats a– about me,” Sussman said. “I think that was just the final straw for her.”


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