VIDEO: Kari Lake Releases Statement to the Press Following Historic Trial on Maricopa County Election Interference

Kari Lake and her attorneys appeared in court Thursday for day two of her historic election contest trial against Maricopa County and Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

The trial Thursday was set from 8:30 MST to 4:30 MST.

The Gateway Pundit reported on day one of Kari Lake’s election trial live from Mesa, Arizona, where we witnessed bombshell testimony from cybersecurity expert Clay Parikh, election investigator Heather Honey, a Maricopa County whistleblower, and RNC roving attorney Mark Sonnenklar.

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer and Election Director Scott Jarrett were also called to the stand to be examined and cross-examined by attorneys for Kari Lake and Maricopa County.

On Day 2 of the trial Arizona elections Director Scott Jarrett admitted in court that the printer settings in the voting centers were switched on Election Day. This caused the ballots not to process. Tens of thousands of Arizona citizens were denied their right to vote or were then forced to wait in line for over four hours.

over 72% of Election Day voters were Republican. Only 17% were Democrats.

This is election interference.

Following the court trial, Kari Lake spoke to reporters on Thursday outside of the court house.

Here is her brilliant statement.

I’m just going to make a quick statement. I am so incredibly proud of our amazing attorneys and staff that put this amazing case together. Historic case. We proved without a shadow of a doubt that there was malicious intent that caused disruption so great it changed the results of the election. I’m incredibly proud of both Brian Blem and Kurt Olsen, who led up this legal team.

We provided expert testimony. We provided experts. The other side brought in activists to try to save face. They admitted that they’ve known about these ballot problems. They’re ballot problems.

Now they’re trying to say that it’s been going on for three elections. Our elections are a mess in this country. And I am so happy to stand up and say, no longer will we as Americans put up with this. We demand fair, honest, transparent elections, and we will get them. And I pray so hard for this judge.

I think that he really took in all of that information. I think he listened very closely to what happened. And I am fighting for the people of Arizona, but not just for the people of Arizona. I’m fighting for the people of this country and for our future. If we don’t have honest elections where we decide who represents us, then we don’t have a country anymore.

And the defendants, their attorney said it in his closing statement. He said, we choose our rulers. Isn’t that telling? This was a selection, not an election. And we in America choose who represents us, and we will restore honest elections.

And I will never stop fighting. I will never stop up fighting. So thanks.

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