“It’s Unequivocal. And the Twitter Files Make It Overt” – Dr. Robert Malone Speaks Out on the Deep State, Big Tech, and DNC Cabal Working Together to Remove Trump from Office (VIDEO)

Dr. Robert Malone joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Wednesday morning. Dr. Malone is the original inventor of the mRNA vaccines. He has been an outspoken critic on the recent vaccines used by the US government to treat the COVID19 virus. Because of this, Dr. Malone has been silenced by Twitter and Big Tech and slandered by the mainstream media. Dr. Malone had his Twitter account restored this week.

Dr. Malone also has a new book coming out: “Lies My Gov’t Told Me – And the Better Future Coming” that is now available on Amazon and other online booksellers.

This morning Dr. Malone was asked if

Steve Bannon:  Dr. Robert Malone, and you are no Trumpanista, right?  At all. You call it where you see it.  Is there any doubt in your mind, sir, as you go back and look at what happened here on the biomedical security complex, that a big part of the effort here in this 5th generation warfare, was to remove Donald Trump from office, sir?

Dr. Robert Malone: It’s unequivocal.  And the Twitter files make it really overt.  The involvement of Michelle Obama in advocating for this.  There was clearly an effort by the administrative state and its operational intelligence owner to remove a sitting president of the United States. And to delegitimize and deplatform him from one of his favorite channels for communication.  Whatever you thought about his tweets.  I think among other things, Donald Trump is an absolute master of Fifth Generation Warfare.   And Twitter was one of his major platforms for executing on that.  And there was an attempt to pull it away and they succeeded.  And it was a concerted effort on the part of the intelligence community, and the DNC, I think we gotta call it where we see it.  The DNC got in there are really worked its way on the Twitter leadership.

So true.  Dr. Malone’s sober analysis is spot-on as usual.

Via The War Room.


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