Travel Hell: Another 2,500 Flights Cancelled… Now Luggage is Lost

Southwest cancelled more than 2,000 flights on Wednesday after a meltdown over the Christmas holiday weekend amid a Polar vortex.

Stranded passengers are now learning their luggage is lost.

AP reported:

Families hoping to catch a Southwest Airlines flight after days of cancellations, missing luggage and missed family connections suffered through another wave of scrubbed flights, with another 2,500 pulled from arrival and departure boards Wednesday.

Exhausted travelers sought passage by other means using different airlines, rental cars, or trains — or they’ve simply given up.

According to the FlightAware tracking service, more than 91% of all canceled flights in the U.S. early Wednesday were from Southwest, which has been unable to recover from ferocious winter storms that raked large swaths of the country over the weekend.

Joe Biden targeted the airline industry after thousands of flights were canceled due to a powerful Arctic blast over the Christmas holiday weekend.

As TGP’s Kristinn Taylor reported, Southwest Airlines on Sunday and Monday has stranded thousands of holiday travelers across the country.

A Polar Vortex moved across the US over the holiday weekend.

Subzero temps, high winds and record snowfall caused flight delays and cancellations.

Southwest canceled two-thirds of its flights Monday (at least 2,675 canceled), preceded Sunday by 42 percent canceled flights and 48 percent delayed flights. The massive cancellations are exclusive to Southwest, other are operating normally.

Joe Biden targeted the private airline industry on Tuesday shortly before he departed for St. Croix for another vacation.

“Thousands of flights nationwide have been canceled around the holidays.” Biden said.

“Our Administration is working to ensure airlines are held accountable.” he added.

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