SELF-DESTRUCTION: Judge Says San Francisco Can’t Clear Homeless Camps

Democrats have destroyed California.

Now, a federal judge just temporarily banned San Francisco from clearing homeless camps in the city.

Magistrate Judge Donna M. Ryu said that the city violated its own policies when clearing homeless camps.

Ryu cited evidence that found the city did not offer inhabitants shelter before clearing the encampments. The plaintiffs also stated that the belongings of some of those in the encampments were improperly seized or thrown out.

The Epoch Times reported:

A federal judge has temporarily banned San Francisco from clearing homeless encampments, saying the city violated its own policies by failing to offer other shelter.

Magistrate Judge Donna M. Ryu in U.S. District Court in Oakland granted an emergency order Friday night that bars the city from taking away tents and confiscating the belongings of encampment dwellers, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The move came in a lawsuit filed on behalf of homeless plaintiffs that sought to stop San Francisco from dismantling homeless encampments until it has thousands of additional shelter beds.

Ryu cited evidence presented by the plaintiffs that the city regularly and illegally failed to offer shelter to inhabitants before clearing the encampments and improperly seized or threw out their belongings, including cellphones, medication, identification, and even prosthetic limbs.

There are over 7,800 homeless people in San Francisco – only 34 beds were available as of Friday.

Rather than solving this crisis, Democrats are allowing thousands to cross the border illegally.

While Biden Lets Thousands of Illegals to Cross the Border, Americans Face Rising Homelessness

Every day Americans are being hurt by Democrat policies. 

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