Radical, Pro-Trans College Professor Won’t Let Her Daughter Watch Shows with White Boy Leads

The woke left has made hatred of white people a national sport for years. But grooming advocate Sally Rubin is so abnormal she cannot bear the thought of her daughter seeing a strong white male onscreen.

Rubin, who is white, works as an associate professor at Chapman University.  She is also the director of multiple films including “Mama Has a Mustache,” a transgender film targeted toward young children. Yes, you read that correctly. This nutty professor directed a movie aimed at grooming your kids.

Chris Rufo revealed last week there are multiple corporate sponsors for this repulsive film, including AbbVie Inc. This pharmaceutical firm produces the drug Lupron, a puberty blocker that can cause lasting health problems.

Rubin utilized the opportunity to share “Mama Has a Mustache” during a conference called Embracing the Diversity of GLBTQ+ Youth and Families (EDGY). After showing a clip from the film, she revealed she had successfully brainwashed her own daughter:

“I think I’ve been gender non-conforming from the moment I came out of the womb.  I was the birth parent to my daughter so I had the really interesting experience of being someone who’s probably more butch identified but carried a child.”

“Um and my daughter now I say daughter I mean she’s eight she calls herself a boy a girl. I asked her recently what’s her gender.  She said Well, you’re a girl Mama you’re a boyish girl and I’m a boy a girl.”

Rubin went on to tell her audience that she will not let her daughter watch movies with white boys as the lead character.  From Breitbart:

We’ve got a rule in the house where she’s not allowed to watch movies that feature white boys.”

She then clarified, “Not feature, but lead, where they’re in the lead, other than like Harry Potter.”

“She can watch films about girls and people of color, but white boys or shows where girls are gossiping about boys or being mean to each other, I mean she’ll just say, ‘I had to shut it off because I knew you wouldn’t support it.”

This is a diseased mind at work.  The greatest enemy our nation faces is not from China or Russia, but from individuals like Sally Rubin. The toxic stew of pro-transgender and anti-white propaganda they amplify gravely endangers the mental and physical health of America’s youth.

Rubin and her cohorts have no business teaching our kids. Prison is a more appropriate place for them.


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