PEOPLE POWER: PA County Doing Hand Recount Of 2020 Election Results In Early 2023 In Response To 5,000 Petition Signatures

Lycoming County Pennsylvania is going to do a recount of the 2020 election.

The recount is coming because around 5,000 people signed a petition calling for a recount.

It will be conducted on Jan 9th.

Penn Live reported:

The hand recount of the 2020 general election ballots for president and state auditor general in Lycoming County is to begin Jan. 9.

The county Board of Elections in October voted 2-1 to do the recount of ballots for president and one statewide office to prove the electronic tabulation is accurate and to restore vote confidence.

Approximately 5,000, people, many of whom identified themselves with the conservative Patriots group, sought a recount even though President Trump outpolled Joe Biden in the county, 41,462 to 16,971.

The recount will be done by 40 staff members of the county. They are going to look at the race for President and state auditor general.

60,000 total ballots will be recounted.

The Epoch Times reported:

“We chose the auditor general as the second contest for two reasons,” Lehman said. “It is on the front of the ballot along with president, so that’ll eliminate the need to flip every ballot over. The other reason we picked auditor general is because that was a statewide contest that was won by a Republican. Because obviously the presidential contest was won by a Democrat.”

The county wants to look at voter behavior and see how often people split their vote between parties.

He does not expect recount results to be precisely the same as the original report.

“We don’t expect that any recount of that many ballots is going to match one-to-one with the voting system,” Lehman said. “We expected that there will be human errors committed during that hand count.” But they also don’t expect to be off by the thousands, he said.

What will the results be?

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