Parents in Loudoun County Call on School Board to Resign

The Gateway Pundit reported that former Loudoun County superintendent Scott Ziegler was indicted on charges related to his handling of the sexual assault cases within the school district.

A juvenile court judge last year found sufficient evidence that a teen boy sexually assaulted a fellow student in a Loudoun County high school bathroom in May 2021.

On May 28, 2021, a male ‘transgender’ student wore a skirt when he raped a 15-year-old girl in the girl’s bathroom at Stone Bridge High School. The school district’s policy allows male students to use the girl’s bathroom and vice versa.

According to reports, the same transgender student was transferred to a different school and committed a SECOND sexual assault.

Last week the community, including outraged parents, confronted the school board for their failures to protect students and for appearing to care more about protecting the administration.

This was the first school board meeting since the superintendent was fired. More than 70 people were signed up to speak.

Several speakers shared the following:

“The damage done by this Board by trying to lie and obfuscate your actions at the expense of our children.”

“Stop pushing pronouns and equity and start focusing on your core mission of education children and keeping them safe.”

“On a last note, every single one of you that stood and protected Ziegler, you guys all need to resign now.”

“Two young girls were sexually assaulted. The second assault could have been prevented.”


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