LIKE A DICTATOR: Brazilian Socialist Lula da Silva intends to Increase Gun Control in Brazil

Justice Alexandre de Moraes, from Brazil’s Supreme Court, decided to temporarily prohibit registered gun-owners from carrying firearms in the federal district. The decision answered a request from the elected socialist president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and binds until after the inauguration ceremony.

The court order also includes the group known as “CACs” (hunters, marksmen and collectors), who have been forbidden to carry or transport weapons and ammunition. Whoever disobeys the determination will be arrested on the spot and will have the equipment apprehended.

To support his decision, Moraes alleged that “extremist groups, who were sponsored by unscrupulous entrepreneurs, exploring in a criminous and deceitful manner the good-faith of several electors, through the utilization of digital militia and collusively with certain public authorities, have been committing crime”.

According to the justice, the temporary suspension of circulation and possession of firearms is “essential to avoid armed violence issues”.

It is a known fact in Brazil that the socialist leader, Luiz Inácio, defends maximum gun control, even though it has been proven in the last four years, in which there was an increase in gun ownership, that the more control, the more violence.

President Bolsonaro has implemented a variety of measures in order to ease the process of obtaining a license to own weapons. These policies contributed substantially to the decrease of violence in the South American country, following the exact same pattern as other regions in which gun ownership has been expanded.

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