“Justice is Rigged” – Brazil Election Breakdown: Officials Shut Down Website and Remove Evidence After It Was Exposed

Hundreds of thousands of Brazilians protested on the weekend

Argentine data expert Fernando Cerimedo gave a worldwide presentation on the anomalies in the Brazilian presidential election. While there is no direct proof of fraud, the statistical anomalies are so egregious to demand a thorough investigation.

In his original report on Nov. 4. Cerimedo pointed out the discrepancies between pre-2020 voting machines and 2020 voting machines, which have internal memory and are auditable.

In the 2020 machines, Jair Bolsonaro won the election 51.04% to 48.96% for Lula da Silva. In the non-auditable pre-2020 machines,  Lula won 52.39% to 47.61% for Bolsonaro – even in the very same regions and cities.

These results were based on the publicly available data of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) from Oct. 31.

One hour after we presented our results on Nov. 4, the TSE site was taken down. No one knows what happened. All documents received an update at 7 pm. At 11 pm, the update went online again. When it went live again, entire sections were erased from the database.”

“This was an attack not only on Brazil, but on democracy. Does the TSE really think we are so stupid? You cannot modify the data from the ballot boxes.”

“Justice is rigged,” Cerimedo said.

“In 2014 the company in charge of the elections, Smartmatic had access to the transmission of data,” Cerimedo said. The leftist party PSBD complained that “Smartmatic can interfere with our election process” in 2014.

The same was possible 2022, when US company Oracle ran the election machines, Cerimedo said. “If external sources can interfere with the election process, the election cannot be verified… I hope the US Securities and Exchange Commission sees this.”



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