Holiday Hope: A Message from South African Farm Attack Survivor Mariandra

South African farm attack survivor Mariandra Heunis

This holiday season has been a bleak time for patriots. The Red Wave was drowned in a sea of mail-in ballots, Kari Lake’s lawsuit against the obvious irregularities in Arizona was turned down, and Democrats look poised to steal every election from here on. Republicans are divided between RINOs and MAGA, between pro-Ukraine and America Firsters, between Trump and DeSantis. Gateway Pundit presents messages of hope from around the world in these dark times.

Mariandra Heunis is a farm attack survivor from Centurion, South Africa. Her husband Johann was killed before her eyes and those of her 6-year old daughter in 2016 (Gateway Pundit reported).

Since then, Mariandra has become an outspoken witness for the violence committed against to Boer community, traveling to Washington, DC and New York in 2019 to speak to politicians and media.

Mariandra is mother to her four children and professional grief consultant now.

Here is her inspiring message to Gateway Pundit readers:


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15-second prayer break with Mariandra:


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